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  1. 3 days ago · Demographics Ethnicity of defendants on death row White: 1,007 (42.06%) African-American: 983 (41.06%) Hispanic: 334 (13.95%) Asian: 46 (1.92%) Native American: 24 (1.00%) [1] Gender of defendants on death row Male: 2,344 (97.91%) Female: 50 (2.09%) [1] Comparatively, 50.8% of the U.S. population is female, and 49.2% is male (USCB 2018). Education

    • Daniel Conahan

      Daniel Owen Conahan Jr. (born May 11, 1954) is a convicted...

    • Trinity Murders

      The "Trinity murders" (so named for the high school attended...

  2. May 8, 2023 · The death row inmate has been involved in a long-standing battle to live after he was incarcerated accused of a 1997 murder-for-hire plot. The high court put the execution on hold indefinitely...

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  4. May 5, 2023 · death row, the part of a prison that houses inmates awaiting execution after they have been sentenced to death for a capital crime. The term also applies to the status of prisoners who are awaiting execution in regions where a separate facility for housing them does not exist; nevertheless, they are referred to as “being on death row.”

  5. 2 days ago · [23] 30 executions have taken place in India since 1991. The latest execution was that of four perpetrators of a gang rape and murder case on 20 March 2020. [24] According to a 2017 report by the Myanmar National Human Rights Commission, 709 prisoners in 26 prisons across the country have had death sentences commuted to life imprisonment. [25]

  6. May 26, 2023 · RESCHEDULED on January 24, 2023 by the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals; execution date reset for June 6, 2024. REPRIEVED on April 14, 2023 by Governor Mike DeWine. Execution rescheduled for August 19, 2026. DIED ON DEATH ROW on February 16, 2023 of complications following surgery to remove a brain tumor.

  7. May 3, 2023 · Robertson, 59, is on death row for killing his cell mate in the Charlotte Correctional Institution in 2008. His case was featured in a 2018 episode of the Netflix true crime show "I Am a Killer."

  8. 3 days ago · William George Bonin (January 8, 1947 – February 23, 1996), also known as the Freeway Killer, [2] was an American serial killer and twice-paroled sex offender [3] [4] who committed the rape, torture, and murder of a minimum of twenty-one young men and boys in a series of killings in southern California from May 1979 to June 1980.

  9. May 3, 2023 · The average time for an inmate to be on death row in Texas prior to their execution is 10.87 years. Joe Gonzales, Jr., of Potter County, and Steven Renfro, of Harrison County, spent the shortest ...

  10. May 24, 2023 · aka: Death Penalty. The death penalty was practiced in Arkansas even before the state was admitted to the Union in 1836, with the first legally sanctioned execution reportedly occurring at Arkansas Post in 1820. The Arkansas criminal code provides for the death penalty or life without parole upon conviction of capital murder or treason.

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    2 days ago · Tupac Amaru Shakur ( / ˈtuːpɑːk ʃəˈkʊər /; born Lesane Parish Crooks, June 16, 1971 – September 13, 1996), also known by his stage names 2Pac and Makaveli, was an American rapper and actor. He is widely considered one of the most influential and successful rappers of all time.

  12. May 23, 2023 · Caryl Chessman, in full Caryl Whittier Chessman, (born May 27, 1921, St. Joseph, Michigan, U.S.—died May 2, 1960, San Quentin, California), American criminal whose writings during 12 years on death row made him the symbol of an enduring controversy over capital punishment.

  13. May 24, 2023 · It found that “on average death row inmates cost $1.12 million more than general population inmates.”. Rector, an ordained Presbyterian minister, said that in Tennessee the convicted murderers most likely to receive the death penalty are people of color who have low incomes, who live in certain counties (primarily, Shelby County, the ...

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