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  1. Guys Reading Poems ( 10 ) 1 h 39 min 2017 18+ Trapped inside a surreal art installation created by his mother, a disturbed avant grade painter, an imaginative boy creatively uses the power of poetry to survive his captivity inside the puppet box.

  2. Cross-Cut. In film editing terminology, a cross-cut sequence is one where the movie jumps between two different scenes, often to build suspense or create a deeper understanding of all the characters involved by subtly relating the actions of one character to the activity in the other scene.

  3. May 02, 2017 · The film tells the story of a boy whose unstable mother imprisons him in a puppet box and builds an art installation around him; to cope, the boy imagines a group of young men who read poetry to him, and these recitations echo through scenes of his past, his future, and his fantasies.

  4. Scenes From a Marriage: Season 1 ... Guys Reading Poems 1h 38m Mystery ... Since the movie hinges the crux of its emotional weight onto such a dull, uninspired sequence, it seems pointless. ...

  5. Apr 08, 2016 · Beyond the mian plot, “Guys Reading Poems” has some intriguing complexity and depth. As Christos told us, “I describe the movie as a dream where the dreamer is slowly waking up”. At first, the story and scenes may not seem so traditional, but the movie’s dreamlike state ends up turning into reality.

  6. Jun 3, 2017 - Alexander Dreymon 'Guys Reading Poems' fundraiser at V Wine Bar 11.4.2017 West Hollywood

  7. Combining poetry, traditional film narrative and a neo-noir aesthetic, “Guys Reading Poems” follows an avant garde painter (Patricia Velasquez, “The Mummy”) whose sanity dissipates when she’s abandoned by her handsome lothario husband (Alexander Dreymon, “The Last Kingdom”) for his stunningly beautiful mistress (Lydia Hearst, “South of Hell”).

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