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  2. Hamlet movie review & film summary (1996) | Roger Ebert

    Branagh's Hamlet lacks the narcissistic intensity of Laurence Olivier's (in the 1948 Academy Award winner), but the film as a whole is better, placing Hamlet in the larger context of royal politics, and making him less a subject for pity. The story provides a melodramatic stage for inner agonies.

  3. Hamlet (1996) Movie Review - Common Sense Media

    Hamlet (Kenneth Branagh) is despondent and curses his mother. Meanwhile, Hamlet's lover, Ophelia (Kate Winslet) is ordered by her brother, Laertes, and father, Polonius, to avoid Hamlet. The ghost confirms that Claudius is the murderer, and Hamlet puts on a play in hopes of outing him. In a fury, Hamlet kills Polonius.

  4. Hamlet [Blu-ray Book]: Kenneth Branagh, Julie ...

    "Hamlet has the kind of power, energy and excitement that movies can truly exploit," actor/director Kenneth Branagh says. In this first full-text film of William Shakespeare's play – shot on 65mm film and exhibited in Panavision Super 70, power surges through every scene.

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  5. Hamlet (1996) - Hamlet (1996) - User Reviews - IMDb

    And this is his masterpiece, Hamlet (1996), a free uncondensed version with every line of what Shakespeare has written, on the last movie ,besides The Master, filmed on 70mm film. If you've graduated high school, you probably know the story of Hamlet.

  6. Hamlet (1996) Blu-ray Review | High Def Digest

    Hamlet (1996) Review Date September 1st, 2010 by Michael S. Palmer Overview - "Hamlet has the kind of power, energy and excitement that movies can truly exploit," award-winning actor/director...

  7. Parent reviews for Hamlet (1996) | Common Sense Media

    It's the only good film adaption of Hamlet I've ever watched. It's the truest, most beautifully portrayed, and wonderfully acted version, and it ruined all other versions of Hamlet for me because it was so perfect. Just a warning on the note of sex; there's a scene where Hamlet and Ophel...

  8. Hamlet is a story of how the ghost of a murdered king comes to haunt the living with tragic consequences. A vengeful ghost and a brother’s murder, dominate the gloomy landscape of Hamlet’s Denmark. The play opens with an encounter between young Hamlet, the prince of Denmark, and his father’s ghost.

  9. Hamlet (1996 Film) Study Guide: Analysis | GradeSaver

    The Hamlet (1996 Film) Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, theme list, historical context, author biography and quizzes written by community members like you.

  10. More Things in 'Hamlet' Than Are Dreamt Of In Other ...

    Dec 25, 1996 · Best of 2020 › The Best Movies of the Year. Our co-chief film critics picked their top 10 movies of this past year.Here are their top three picks and reviews. Manhola’s Dargis’ Picks. 1 ...

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