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  1. Hammer Museum - Wikipedia

    For the collection of hammers, see Hammer Museum (Haines, Alaska). The Hammer Museum, which is affiliated with the University of California, Los Angeles, is an art museum and cultural center known for its artist-centric and progressive array of exhibitions and public programs.

    • 1990
    • 10899 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90024 (by UCLA campus)
  2. Hammer Museum (Haines, Alaska) - Wikipedia

    The Hammer Museum, located in Haines, Alaska, U.S., is the first museum in the world dedicated to hammers. The museum was founded in 2002 and became a non-profit organization in 2004. It features over 1,400 hammers and related tools, ranging from ancient times through the colonial days to the industrial era.

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  4. Los Angeles County Museum of Art - Wikipedia

    To LACMA's surprise, Hammer instead founded the Hammer Museum, built adjacent to Occidental's headquarters in Los Angeles. [99] Between 1972 and 2020, the Ahmanson Foundation spent about $130 million to finance the museum's acquisitions of 99 artworks, including masterpieces like Magdalene with the Smoking Flame by Georges de La Tour , others ...

  5. Dr. Pozzi at Home - Wikipedia

    John Singer Sargent, Dr. Pozzi at Home, 1881, Hammer Museum Dr Pozzi at Home is an 1881 oil painting by the American artist John Singer Sargent. The portrait of the French gynaecologist and art collector Samuel Jean de Pozzi was Sargent's first large portrait of a male subject: it measures 201.6 cm × 102.2 cm (6 ft 7.4 in × 3 ft 4.2 in).

  6. HAMMER MUSEUM Free for good 10899 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90024 (310) 443-7000 [email protected] Gallery Hours Monday: Closed Tuesday–Friday: 11am - 8pm

  7. Hammer - Wikipedia

    This article is about the tool. For other uses, see Hammer (disambiguation). A modern claw hammer A hammer is a tool consisting of a weighted "head" fixed to a long handle that is swung to deliver an impact to a small area of an object. This can be, for example, to drive nails into wood, to shape metal (as with a forge), or to crush rock. Hammers are used for a wide range of driving, shaping ...

  8. Ann Philbin - Wikipedia

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Ann Philbin is an American museum director. Since 1999, she has been director of the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles; before this she was the director of the Drawing Center in New York City.

  9. Petrit Halilaj - Wikipedia

    Halilaj had several solo exhibitions, including one at the New Museum in New York in 2017-2018 and one at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles in 2018-2019. [14] Halilaj created a large site-specific installation of giant sculptural flowers in 2020 for Madrid's Palacio de Cristal .

  10. Cornelia Butler - Wikipedia

    Working for the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles as chief curator, in April 2016 she secured a donation of street photography by Daido Moriyama, the world's largest collection. In 2019, she curated an exhibit on Lari Pittman .

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