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    • Alain Delon (born 8 November 1935) is a French-Swiss actor. He rose quickly to stardom, and by the age of 23 was already being compared to French actors such as Gérard Philipe and Jean Marais, as well as American actor James Dean.
    • Sebastien Courivaud (born July 28, 1968, Champigny-sur-Marne, France) - French actor, best known for his role in the TV series "Helen and the Guys".
    • Louis Jourdan (born Louis Robert Gendre, 19 June 1921) is a retired French film and television actor. He is known for his roles in several Hollywood films, including The Paradine Case (1947), Gigi (1958), The Best of Everything (1959) and Octopussy (1983).
    • Christophe Lemaitre (born 11 June 1990 in Annecy, France) is a French sprinter, who specialises in the 100 and 200 metres. He is the French 100 m and 200 m record holder with a time of 9.92 seconds and 19.80 seconds and is the first person of European descent to break the 10-second barrier in an officially timed event.
    • Jean Dujardin. This hunky Frenchman started his career as a stand-up comedian and then slowly started an acting career. He first started on the hit television show Un gars, une fille but then transitioned into movies like OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies, OSS 117: Lost in Rio, and 99 Francs.
    • Guillaume Canet. As well as being an actor, Guillaume Canet is also a film director, screenwriter and show jumper. His most famous roles were in Joyeux Noël, Love Me If You Dare and The Beach.
    • Jean-Paul Belmondo. This sex symbol of the 60s is associated with the French New Wave. He was one of the biggest movie stars in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. His two biggest films are Breathless and That Man from Rio, which were both from the 60s.
    • Alain Delon. Alain Delon was another French sexy symbol in the 1960s. He has appeared in numerous films but some of his most famous ones are Rocco and His Brothers, Purple Noon, L’Eclisse, The Leopard, Lost Command and Le Samouraï.
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    If you were todescribe how typical French men look like, you’d probably instantly shoutsomething like “HOT!”, which is, to be honest, true. But unlike Greek menor Spanish guys, handsome French guys have some other type of beauty. Here’swhat I mean:

    Nothing in the worldis perfect so even dating French men can have some ups and downs, yesses andnos, and that’s why I’m sharing these French men dating tips with you.

    Unless you alreadylive in this beautiful country, the best way to immerse yourself into yourinternational dating adventure is to give chance to French dating sites. The choice is alwaysso wide, as looking for a partner over the internet has become very popular,but there are always sites which stand among the crowd. The one whichcaught my attention ...

    French kiss, Frenchlovers, French this, French that- somehow all things French are closelyconnected with love, passion, and seduction. This means thatconquering his heart is helluva challenging task put before you, my ladies,but, hey-don’t despair! That’s why youhave me to help you and give you some cool and provenly successful tips fordating a Fre...

    You know, animportant part of the French dating culture is also deeply rooted in theirlanguage as well. Somehow everythingthey pronounce sounds so charming, even if you don’t understand a single word. Jokes aside, butthere’s some special magic in the way they pronounce words and it kinda givessome special dose of classiness to the conversation. You...

    While creating thelist for hot Greeks was quite challenging, this one was a bit simpler, as notall the French males look enchanting and hot. What I could list asa thing in common for all of them is that they do have some aura ofsophisticated gentlemen. Here’s my choice:

    Men do not come better and finer than what the French menhave to offer. These guys around the Sienne River are not just gorgeous and well-built, they are also courteous and will treat their women like real gentlemen do. So, travel around the country, eat wonderful food, get drenched in French Champagne and other tasty wines, and enjoy yourself thor...

  2. Apr 29, 2015 · So, from wearing penguin suits (we aren't talking tuxes) and taking naps with puppies to skydiving and rolling on the beach with other models, here's what today's top male models really want you ...

  3. Sep 2, 2008 · French men are very expressive; they like to tell you how they feel and if they compliment you they really mean it. By and large they are not afraid to show their emotions. They will tell you that they love you, that they are mad about you and pour their heart out to you without feeling compromised for doing it.

  4. Find handsome French men online on If you’re not sure about visiting France any time soon or want to date a Frenchman living in your country, there is an opportunity for you to find your French love and be happy! Nowadays language or location can’t limit people wanting to find their soulmates and like-minded people for dating ...

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