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    3 days ago · Social democracy is a political, social and economic philosophy within socialism. As a policy regime, it is described by academics as advocating economic and social interventions to promote social justice within the framework of a liberal-democratic polity and a capitalist-oriented mixed economy.

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    5 days ago · Intersex people are individuals born with any of several variations in sex characteristics including chromosomes, gonads, sex hormones or genitals that, according to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, "do not fit the typical definitions for male or female bodies".

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    4 days ago · The field of social psychology is defined in relation to sociology and psychology. The latter are each dealing with a complete logical system, which may or may not be in conflict or leave certain ...

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    Broadly speaking, there are two major points on which TERFs and feminists vehemently disagree — on the question of gender, and on the nature of the third wave of feminism.

    Wingnut rhetoric and tactics

    The particular transphobic rhetoric used by many TERFs owes a lot to wingnut homophobia in its structure, showcasing the same homosexuality-as-a-choice. When Sheila Jeffreysnoticed RadFem2012 was cancelled and labelled a hate group, she said: The bolded part is eerily similar to what the radical right have said about homosexuality. Specifically, it resembles the following quote about such by neo-Nazi Paul Fromm in its framing of gender identity as choice instead of something a person is, as w...

    Collaborations with the far-right

    TERFs have been known to collaborate with the American Religious Right. Notable instances include Cathy Brennan's collaboration with the right-wing Pacific Justice Institute in order to harass a trans woman via death threats, and generally acting as their mouthpiece, Janice Raymond working with conservative leader Jesse Helms to deny health coverage to trans people, and Sheila Jeffreysstating that she aligned with the "radical right" on the issue of transgender legislation: Julia Beck, a self...

    Sex worker-exclusionary radical feminism (also known as SWERF) is yet another offshoot of feminism, one that opposes women's participation in pornography and prostitution. The term was coined to match that of TERF, as their memberships overlap.Their ideology also overlaps as both subgroups follow a prescriptive, normative approach to feminism; i.e., telling women what to do — TERFs with their gender, and SWERFs with their sexuality. SWERFs criticize the objectification and exploitation of women within pornography and the sex industry, as well as the violence and abuse that sex workers frequently suffer.[note 12]If this was all they did, that wouldn't be a problem. This is also a position held by other feminists, not exclusive to SWERFs. In practice however, unlike other feminists, SWERFs typically go completely overboard and dump on sex-workers who chose their profession freely, even in places where it is completely legal and safe, claiming that the sex workers are nothing more than...

    There is a very strong undercurrent of man-hating to TERFism as a whole. Their criticisms of men go above and beyond what is necessary (or even acceptable). They regularlyengage in hasty generalizations of male behavior that oftentimes eerily resemble the crass misogyny of the manosphere, albeit in reverse. For instance, after Tara Wolf's assault on Maria Maclachlan in Hyde Park, Maclachlan and her supporters repeatedly intentionally misgendered Wolf to paint her as a stereotypical male thug and claim her actions as male violence.

    Many TERFs claim that "TERF" is a slur — indeed, the website is aimed at claiming solely that. Feminist Wiki argue that the term TERF is "usually understood to be an anti-feminist, sexist and misogynist slur" an assertion rejected by many feminists and women. As Tassia Agatowski says "It’s like suggesting that ‘homophobe’ or ‘racist’ are both slurs when they’re clear, dictionary-definition words to describe someone’s discriminatory views." In Feminist Current, Meghan Murphy wrote that "'TERF' isn’t just a slur, it’s hate speech. The term 'TERF' is not just used to smear and deride, but to incite violence." Similarly, in New Statesman, Sarah Ditum suggested that the TERF label encouraged pro-trans feminists to "think it is OK — more than OK, laudable — to hit a 60-year-old woman if she thinks the wrong thing, because thinking the wrong thing is understood to be an act of aggression in itself." The 60-year-old woman in question was Maria Maclachlan. At Speakers' Corner...

    TERFs have a number of...colorful...euphemisms for transgender people. For a while, they used "MTT" and "FTT" (Male/Female to Trans) as substitutes for "MTF" and "FTM" respectively. They have referred to trans women as "SCAMs" (surgically and chemically altered males) and compared them to Buffalo Bill from The Silence of the Lambs. Nowadays, TERFs use "TIM" and "TIF" (Trans-identified male/female).They claim to prefer the terms because they mock the trans identity and emphasize that being trans isn't real; some also like them because they sound like nicknames for Timothy and Tiffany. On the surface, sentences like "Men shouldn't be in women-only spaces" and "Men shouldn't appropriate lesbianism" sound progressive and reasonable, but TERFs use "men" as a dog-whistle for trans women. When TERFs are upset at a trans woman, they may accuse her of "hating women" or "hating feminists", as if TERFs speak for every cis woman or feminist in the observable universe. In short, TERFs tend to vi...


    1. Janice Raymond, author of the 1979 book The Transsexual Empire: The Making of the She-Male who said that "the problem of transsexualism would best be served by morally mandating it out of existence.” 2. Julie Bindel is a prominent feminist writer, including many years for The Guardian. However she has been attacked for her hostility to trans people, with CL Minou accusing her of "dangerous transphobia" that denies trans women their bodily autonomy and ignores misogyny against trans women....


    1. LGB Alliance, a British organisation launched in October 2019, whose supporters include lawyer Allison Bailey, Bev Jackson (co-founder of the Gay Liberation Front), former comedian Simon Fanshawe, and anti-trans campaigner Miranda Yardley, their T-less name makes their stance pretty clear. Despite claims to be "Asserting the right of lesbians, bisexuals and gay men to define themselves as same-sex attracted" they don't wish to extend this right to trans people. Some media sources inaccurat...

    TERF Library Controversy

    TERF groups, usually including Meghan Murphy have been booking rooms at libraries, taking advantage of free speech laws after being refused rooms by other venues. There has been justified criticism for this 'reason', as, for example, Toronto Public Library allows for denying a booking to a group “promoting discrimination, contempt or hatred for any group or person on the basis of […] sex, gender identity, gender expression”.Their deliberate choice not to invoke this clause implies strongly th...

    TERFs are a minority tendency in the American feminist discourse, concentrated primarily among older second-wave feminists who came of age amidst the women's liberation movement of the 1970s and '80s. It is a very different story, however, in the United Kingdom. TERFs hold a mainstream position within the British feminist movement, and serve as the main face of British anti-trans activism as opposed to religious conservatives, to the point where there has been friction between American and British feminists over the issue. In 2018, Sam Levin, Mona Chalabi, and Sabrina Siddiqui, three American journalists writing for The Guardian, publicly disavowed an anti-trans editorial published in the paper, citing its similarity to the rhetoric of American religious conservatives and the Donald Trump administration. In the other direction, in 2019 Posie Parker and Julia Long, two anti-trans British feminists, traveled to Washington to ambush Sarah McBride, a trans woman and the national press s...

    Both Julie Bindel and Amy Dyess - working class butch lesbians - have come under fire from TERFs for criticising other TERFs for collaborating with homophobic hate groups like the Heritage Foundation. TERFs have decried the rainbow flag, and rainbow lanyards, as ‘symbols of oppression of women’ that ‘make them nervous’. Despite their much vaunted support for gender non-conforming men, several TERFs in the ‘gender critical’ subreddit are ‘uncomfortable’ with Jonathon Van Ness, who previously identified as a GNC male and now identifies as non binary.

    Despite being utterly horrible to trans people, many TERFs are remarkably level-headed when it comes to other issues. Much of their work, when it doesn't have to do with transgender people, is actually quite good. Kajsa Ekis Ekman is known for her on-point criticisms of capitalism, prostitution and surrogacy. Julie Bindel was one of the first domestic violence and sexual assault campaigners in the UK. Meghan Murphywas also a major figure on the Canadian left, opposing anything from pipeline projects to free-trade agreements.

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    5 days ago · Karl Marx, revolutionary, socialist, historian, and economist who, with Friedrich Engels, wrote the works, including Manifest der Kommunistischen Partei (The Communist Manifesto) and Das Kapital, that formed the basis of communism. Learn more about Karl Marx and his life, beliefs, and writings here.

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    3 days ago · Collins English Dictionary (2017). ... International Journal of the Sociology of Language 208 ... Alan (1971). A Study of Ethnic Slurs: The Jew and the Polack in the ...

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    4 days ago · Names in Multi- Lingual, Multi-Cultural and Multi-Ethnic Contact. Proceedings of the 23rd International Congress of Onomastic Sciences, August 17–22, 2008, York University, Toronto, Canada . Toronto: York University.

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    5 days ago · The Gaza Strip (/ ˈ ɡ ɑː z ə /; Arabic: قِطَاعُ غَزَّةَ ‎ Qiṭāʿu Ġazzah [qi.tˤaːʕ ɣaz.zah]), or simply Gaza, is a self-governing Palestinian territory on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, that borders Egypt on the southwest for 11 kilometers (6.8 mi) and Israel on the east and north along a 51 km (32 mi) border.

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    3 days ago · In the immediate aftermath of the war, one pressing problem was the very high number of unwanted pregnancies of rape victims. Estimates of the number of pregnancies resulting in births range from 25,000 to the Bangladeshi government's figure of 70,000, while one publication by the Centre for Reproductive Law and Policy gave a total of 250,000.

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    3 days ago · Tetzschner R, Norgaard K, Ranjan A. Effects of alcohol on plasma glucose and prevention of alcohol-induced hypoglycemia in type 1 diabetes-A systematic review with GRADE. Diabetes Metab Res Rev 2018;34.|10. Beulens J, Kruidhof J, Grobbee D, et al. Alcohol consumption and risk of microvascular complications in type 1 diabetes patients: the ...

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