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  1. Hansel and Gretel sat down by the fire, and when it was noon, each ate the piece of bread; and because they could hear the blows of an axe, they thought their father was near: but it was not an axe, but a branch which he had bound to a withered tree, so as to be blown to and fro by the wind.

  2. Hansel and Gretel are the young children of a poor woodcutter.When a famine settles over the land, the woodcutter's second wife tells the woodcutter to take the children into the woods and leave them there to fend for themselves, so that she and her husband do not starve to death.The woodcutter opposes the plan, but his wife claims that maybe a stranger will take the children in and provide ...

  3. Hansel and Gretel stopped short and stared at one another – each was messy and covered in candy. "Ugh!" they whisper-shouted in unison. "Oh, two little ones to enjoy!" the voice screeched again. Hansel and Gretel turned and stared at a very small woman with scraggly hair wearing a long pink dress.

  4. The story follows Gretel and Hansel as they enter the dark woods in order to find work and food, and then stumble upon the home of a witch. It was announced in October 2018 that Orion Pictures had started developing Gretel & Hansel , a film adaptation based on the German folklore Hansel and Gretel by the Brothers Grimm, with Perkins directing ...

  5. Gretel took the bread under her apron, as Hansel had the pebbles in his pocket. Then they all set out together on the way to the forest. When they had walked a short time, Hansel stood still and peeped back at the house, and did so again and again. His father said, "Hansel, what are you looking at there and staying behind for?

  6. Hansel and Grethel. Hansel and Gretel (sometimes Grethel) is a famous fairy tale from the collection of brothers Grimm. It has amazing history and offers many astonishing interpretations. We'll start with short summary and slowly delve into its rich symbolism. Hansel and Gretel is an old story with always fresh messages talking about our ...

  7. Hansel and Gretel Story is a popular fairy tale for kids. Here we bring you Hansel and Gretel short story, which is about a brother-sister duo who were lost in a dense forest. They soon fall prey into the hands of a wicked witch who lived in a house made of candy, gingerbread and pastries.

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