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  1. Learning the script. Young Hanunó'o men and women (called layqaw) learn the script primarily in order to memorize love songs. The goal is to learn as many songs as possible, and using the script to write the songs facilitates this process. The script is also used to write letters, notifications, and other documents.

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  2. Hanunuo language. This article contains Hanunoo text. Without proper rendering support, you may see question marks, boxes, or other symbols instead of Hanunoo script. Hanunoo, or Hanunó'o ( IPA: [hanunuʔɔ] ), is a language spoken by Mangyans in the island of Mindoro, Philippines . It is written in the Hanunoo script .

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  4. Hanunuo Mangyan writing has a vowel-killer, called the Pamudpod or "Trimmer" that is sometimes used also in Baybayin and in a few of its many Typographical variants, derived scripts and proposed modernisations. When added to a base letter, it removes the vowel attached to that consonant, which allows final consonants to be clearly written.

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    Buhid is an Abugida used to write the language Buhid. As a Brahmic script indigenous to the Philippines, it closely related to Baybayin and Hanunó'o. It is still used today by the Mangyans, found mainly on island of Mindoro, to write their language, Buhid, together with the Filipino latin script .

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  7. Nov 28, 2018 · Historically, young Hanunuo men and women learned the Hanunuo script in order to write each other love poems. The goal was to learn as many songs as possible, and using the script to write the songs facilitated this process. Nowadays they are more likely to use digital devices, which are unlikely to support the Hanunuo script.

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