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  1. Fireworks Making Problems — Skylighter, Inc.

    Oct 28, 2018 · This may be less of a problem than you thought. Can you already shoot consumer fireworks on your property? If so, that’s good news for you. Stay tuned. 5 ) No Legal Facility to Make Fireworks: Here’s a a true classic. This is Harry Gilliam's ATF-approved (honest!) manufacturing facility. No joke.

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  2. Introduction to Firework Shells — Skylighter, Inc.

    Harry Gilliam Shells, An Introduction By Ned Gorski No, not these shells... These Shells! 2 Ways of getting shells up in the air Whether they are propelled out of mortars high into the sky, or launched on tops of rockets to display at the end of their flights, aerial fireworks shells are designed to fire a pattern of garnitures high in the sky.

  3. It's practically patriotic to build your July 4 fireworks from scratch. So, Harry Gilliam, CEO of pyrotechnics supplier Skylighter, told us how to make a spectacular fireball.

  4. Make a Rainbow of Rubber Stars in 3 Hours — Skylighter, Inc.

    Harry Gilliam Make Fireworks Stars the Easy Way in 3 Hours! By Ned Gorski The "rainbow" of star colors I'll be discussing here builds on the methods detailed in the How to Make Screen-Sliced Brilliant-Red Rubber Stars project to expand your color palette of star choices.

  5. By Harry Gilliam. Okay, I ran across this great game in the Washington Post (August 17, 2001).Click the link for a pdf of the article. Without going into all the rules and gory details, the game is played by tossing a steel slug 60 feet towards a slanted mud bank in order to hit the center ring (the bull’s-eye).

  6. How to Make Firework Stars Using a Star Pump — Skylighter, Inc.

    Harry Gilliam Making Fireworks Stars with a Star Pump By Ned Gorski This is about learning perhaps the simplest way there is to make fireworks stars. Look at the stars in these two mines. They're "pumped" stars. Charcoal Streamer and Titanium Streamer 1.75-Inch Star Mines

  7. How to Make Go Getter Firework Stars — Skylighter, Inc.

    Notes from Harry Gilliam: The ammonium perchlorate is the 200 micron variety The uncoated atomized aluminum should be -325 mesh, average particle size 12-32 micron.

  8. China Dominator Fireworks - Liuyang Fireworks Article ...

    Harry Gilliam of Skylighter Fireworks at the sparkler factory and inspecting product . Harry Gilliam and drying morning glory sticks . One exciting product development effort that was commissioned by Aaron Enzer of Ace Pyro LLC is the production of several 12-foot long, 24-inch fiberglass mortars.

  9. Skylighter's closing, hope Harry found a successor

    Harry Gilliam's wanted to get out of the biz for about 3 yrs. now, and has announced closing. For our sake, I hope he found a buyer, because nobody's had anything like the selection he's had of materials.

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