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  1. The Harvard University endowment (valued at $53.2 billion as of June 2021) is the largest academic endowment in the world. [2] [3] Its value increased by over 10 billion dollars in fiscal year 2021, ending in the largest sum in its history. [1]

  2. Harvard University is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and research, and to developing leaders who make a difference globally.

  3. B.A. From Harvard University Law degree from Harvard Law School President of Antioch College, Yellow Springs Ohio; great-grandson of Theodore Roosevelt, Class of 1980 Jonathan Rosenbaum (born 1947) PhD President of Gratz College: Katherine A. Rowe: PhD 1992 28th and first female president of the College of William and Mary; graduate of Carleton ...

  4. L'université Harvard (en anglais : Harvard University), ou plus simplement Harvard, est une université privée américaine située à Cambridge, ville de l'agglomération de Boston, dans le Massachusetts. Fondée le 8 octobre 1636 [1], c'est le plus ancien établissement d'enseignement supérieur des États-Unis [2], [3].

  5. The University Professorship is Harvard's most distinguished professorial post. [2] This honor was created in 1935 for "individuals of distinction ... working on the frontiers of knowledge, and in such a way as to cross the conventional boundaries of the specialties."

  6. Adams House is one of twelve undergraduate residential Houses at Harvard University, located between Harvard Square and the Charles River in Cambridge, Massachusetts.Its name commemorates the services of the Adams family, including John Adams, the second president of the United States, and John Quincy Adams, the sixth president.

  7. Harvard, William and Mary, and Yale. . . were organized . . . on the plans of the English colleges which constitute the universities of Oxford and Cambridge. Graduates of Harvard and Yale carried these British traditions to other places, and similar colleges grew up in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Rhode Island....

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