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    This category is for leading governmental positions at the lowest, local level(s) of subnational authority, i.e. within a state, and usually also within an intermediate (e.g. provincial) administrative level; in complex states there may even be several intermediate levels between the state and the local authorities.

  2. Local Governments | USAGov

    Local Governments. Find contact information for local governments by state. Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware District of Columbia Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois

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  3. List of current heads of state and government - Wikipedia

    This is a list of current heads of state and heads of government. In some cases, mainly in presidential systems , there is only one leader being both head of state and head of government . In other cases, mainly in semi-presidential and parliamentary systems , the head of state and the head of government are different people.

    Head of state
    Head of government
    President – Ashraf Ghani
    President – Ashraf Ghani
    President – Ilir Meta
    Prime Minister – Edi Rama
    President – Abdelmadjid Tebboune
    Prime Minister – Abdelaziz Djerad
    Episcopal Co-Prince – Joan Enric Vives i Sicília Co-Prince's Representative – Josep Maria Mauri French Co-Prince – Emmanuel Macron Co-Prince's Representative – Patrick Strzoda
    Head of Government – Xavier Espot Zamora
  4. Head of government - Wikipedia

    In most parliamentary systems, including constitutional monarchies, the head of government is the de facto political leader of the government, and is answerable to at least one chamber of the legislature.

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  6. Maryland Government, State, local & federal

    County Commissioners. Under the county commissioners form of government, the General Assembly is authorized to legislate for a county. While a board of county commissioners exercises both executive and legislative functions defined by State law, and may enact ordinances, its legislative power is limited to those areas authorized by the General Assembly, enabling legislation, or public local ...

  7. Florida's Local Government - FCIT

    Local governments make decisions about things like schools, parks, libraries, and police protection. Florida has three types of local government: counties, municipalities, and special districts. County Government Florida is divided into 67 counties.

  8. Local government sales tax collections declined by 7.1 percent, or $102 million, in November compared to the same month in 2019. The decline is steeper than in October, but not as bad as the double-digit declines in the earlier months (April-June) of the pandemic.

  9. Local Government Service Recruitment 2021/2022 - GH Students

    The Office of the Head of the Local Government Service (OHLGS) in fulfillment of its mandate of ensuring the effective and efficient day-to-day administration of the Local Government Service (LGS) and in accordance with the Local Governance Act of 2016, Act 936 is seeking highly a successful and result-oriented person to fill the following position:

  10. Office of the Head of Local Government Service P.O. Box MB 396, Ministries -Accra Tel: 0302-677929 Fax: 0302-662799 Email:

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