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  1. Heroes of the Storm is a MOBA game developed by Blizzard Entertainment modelled very closely on League of Legends. It features characters from Blizzard's Warcraft, Diablo and StarCraft series'. Heroes of the Storm is currently only downloadable via the Blizzard Launcher. Overview

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    • Terran · Protoss · Zerg
    • Heroes of the Storm
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    Abathur is a unique zerg creature, created from numerous zerg species. He is the zerg evolution master, serving as the Swarm's DNA library, and resides in the evolution pit.

    Under the Overmind "What did you do after the Overmind died?" "Wandered the tunnels of Char, without purpose. Feral. Queen of Blades found me. Made me zerg again." "You aren't zerg unless you are under someone's control?" "Without overriding will, am beast. Less." - Kerrigan ......

    With the de-infestation of the Queen at Char during the Second Great War, the Swarm fragmented, as the broodmothers vied for control. He was too strong for Broodmother Zagara to take control of him. At the time of fragmentation, he was aboard a leviathan. Retrieval by ...

    Abathur commanded Zerg forces alongside fellow commanders during the End War.

    Abathur is available as an announcer for StarCraft II multiplayer. Heart of the Swarm Main article: Abathur (Co-op Missions) Abathur is a playable commander in the Co-op Missions mode.

    Abathur is a playable hero in Heroes of the Storm.

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    Piercing the Shroud is the secret StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty mission. It is accessed by destroying the science facility in Media Blitz and obtaining the secret documents within. Raynor's Raiders investigated a secret Terran Dominion facility and discovered the Dominion was experimenting with hybrids.

    Background The Raiders recovered secret Dominion documents during a raid on Korhal. The documents contained the location of a bio-weapons research installation orbiting Castanar, and an order to liquidate its personnel. The Raiders became suspicious of why Mengsk would give such an order, and decided to investigate. Unsettling Discovery Raynor and ...

    Beacon Options and Items The mission is divided into two parts. The first is to destroy the fusion reactor and release a powerful hybrid, and the second part is fleeing from it. In the first part, beacons give options to help surmount obstacles. These are good places to save and try out the different options. There are four types of items throughou...

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    Note: The majority of the January dates are derived from the events of StarCraft: Ghost: Nova. As Nova's birthday is known to occur on January 15, events after and before this date can be gauged per the amount of time that passes in the novel on a 'by day' basis.

    January 1: Norad II is downed by the zerg over Antiga Prime. The Sons of Korhal save General Edmund Duke, Mengsk knowing that the general could prove to be a powerful ally. Alpha Squadron thus becomes part of the Sons of Korhal.

    Note: The February dates are derived from the knowledge that the zerg invaded Tarsonis on the "17th," that Antiga Prime fell ten days beforehand and that these events occurred in February.

    Early: Clara Terra marries Milo Kusinis.

    Arcturus Mengsk forms the Terran Dominion, inaugurated as Emperor Arcturus I.

    On Ursa, Kelerchian begins physical therapy to regain the use of his legs while Nova begins training under Sergeant Hartley.

    Terran, zerg and protoss forces battle over the Argus stone. It falls into the hands of the Swarm and is transported to Char.


    Alpha Squadron forces led by Duke arrive at Char and proceeds to engage the zerg. They suffer heavy casualties upon landing and are forced to retreat.

    The Old Family children arrive at Shi. However, they find the mining station to be derelict.

    Day 32, Char Campaign: The zerg attack again, but the combined protoss and terran forces are able to fend them off. They relocate to another valley.

    Day 33, Char Campaign: Zeratul resumes his history lessons.

    Day 45, Char Campaign: Zeratul reveals to Raynor the truth of his nightmares, how it's Kerrigan filtering away elements of her former psyche. As a result, a faint band of psionic ‘light’ exists betw

    June 4: Now under the Terran Dominion, Maltair IV is invaded by the zerg.

    June 7: Tensions run high in light of Colin Phash's psychic abilities. The zerg renew their assault. In the end, Colin and his father, Corbin are the only survivors.

    June 8: Colin and Corbin reunite.


    The Battle of Bhekar Ro occurs/ends.

    Not long after these events, and indeed the fall of the Overmind, the Brood War begins.

    Having retrieved the Uraj and the Khalis, the protoss unleash the power of the xel'naga temple on Shakuras, destroying all zerg on the planet.

    By this stage, Nova has progressed further in the Ghost Program in six months than most others have in a year.

    Wrangler Malcolm Kelerchian is assigned to bring in a telepath by Arcturus Mengsk, hoping that he turns up dead in the process. On the eve of his departure, Kelerchian and Nova give their final farewells.

    A drop pod seeds Shi with a zerg drone, c

    Fenix and Jim Raynor return to Shakuras.

    A nuclear device is detonated in the heart of New Antioch by the brother of a Nerazim terrorist Fenix slew in 2497. Fenix and a Khalai Caste worker fight through the underground railway system to find the terrorists, and kill their leader.

    The zerg come into contact with the terrans on Shi, resulting in casualties for the latter species.

    General Edmund Duke and the remnants of Alpha Squadron are retrieved from Bhekar Ro.

    The Brood War ends, Kerrigan having gained complete dominion over the zerg. Despite this, she is unable to shake the feeling that another threat lurks beyond her sight. Regardless, she begins preparing for the trials yet to come.

    Arcturus Mengsk returns to Korhal to begin reconstruction of the Dominion.

    Jim Raynor, Zeratul and Artanis return to Shakuras. Artanis begins the process of rebuilding protoss civilization.

    Zeratul and Raynor depart Shakuras. Zeratul begins searching for the truth of th

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    ↑ While this date is not explicitly given, a working title for the mission in which these events occur is "New Year's Day." This equates to January 1st.

    ↑ In the interview, Furman said the battle took place during or shortly after the battles on Antiga Prime.

    • Overview
    • Biography
    • Game Effect

    Mira Han (alias: Mira Horner) is a terran mercenary, crime lord, and the leader of Mira's Marauders.

    Mira Han founded the group Mira's Marauders, pulling from various mercenary groups across the Koprulu sector. Some of her first recruits were squadrons of marauders who maintained uncommon loyalty to her, though this was rumored to be due to blackmail she had on them. While ...

    "I told you before—If I knew what the prize was, I never woulda' joined that card game!" - Horner on his 'marriage' to Han(src) Captain Matt Horner was forced to marry Mira Han after winning a poker game. Horner said he would not have played had he known what the prize was ......

    "James. Orlan decrypted your adjutant but he's planning to sell it to the Dominion. Must have been something exciting in there! He wants me to keep you off his back until they arrive." "That's nice, Mira, but why are you telling me all this?" "Because I like you and Matthew ...

    StarCraft II[] Han's campaign portrait Mira Han and Matt Horner appear together as a purchasable announcer added in Patch 4.0. In Wings of Liberty, Han's portrait is the StarCraft II reward for the Team Random 500 achievement. also appears in Heart of the Swarm. Co-op Missions Mira Han is an unlockable announcer in Heroes of the Storm. Images of Mi...

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  3. In mission To slay the Beast press the enter key and put the words medieval man and select 2 Dark Templar. You'll find a surprise.(Assaulthead 07:08, 30 September 2007 (UTC)) That's not a secret...

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