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    My channel is loaded with free full length workout videos and workouts you can do from home . No fancy equipment, no gym memberships required. Subscribe + turn notifications on so you never miss a ...

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  4. My goal with this community is to provide you with the tools and support you need to feel empowered about your health. ~ Heather Robertson 1.6M+ YouTube subscribers

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    Heather Robertson is a 37 year old Certified Personal Trainer from Canada. She is 5’4.5” and has over thirteen years of industry experience. She released her 12 Week Workout Plan on January 6, 2020 and is available for free on her YouTube channel. The program is a time-based and rep-based five days a week, twelve week program designed to take your fitness to the next level. The program uses HIIT, strength, cardio, Tabata and full body sessions. Minimal equipment is needed and minimal space is required. This program will challenge you and push you out of your comfort zone. It is not a crash diet or quick fix. It is about moving daily, nourishing your body and creating healthy habits. Heather started her channel because she believes access to optimal health and fitness shouldn’t be limited based on the amount of money or time you have. She wanted to provide accessible workouts that are effective and can be done anywhere to reach both your fitness and financial goals faster. Heather em...

    Pros 1. The workouts are mostly circuit based so there is variation plus some repetition. 2. The workouts provides text and video previews of the next move during rest periods. 3. The workouts are accessible to a lot of people because of minimal equipment required. 4. The workouts include a unique warm up and cool down with each video. 5. The program has a new video every day that works out different muscle groups. 6. The instructor works out with you, making it easy to follow along. 7. The video titles do not click-bait and give false information, such as spot reducing. Cons 1. The workouts has no talking or voiceover so you have to constantly watch the screen. 2. The program does not provide modifications, such as as low impact alternative moves or videos. 3. The program is not apartment friendly as there are a lot of plyometric exercises. ↑

    The 12 Week Workout Plan is an intermediate to advanced fitness program. It assumes experience with working out and executing proper exercise form. Heather has a program guide available for download that can be accessed by signing up for this program on her website. The PDF document provides guidance for your next twelve weeks, from the workouts to the nutrition. The videos range from 30-40 minutes long. Each workout video also has a warm up and cool down routine provided. Heather recommends completing the program from Monday to Friday, taking an active rest day on Saturday and taking a full rest day on Sunday. The program is divided into three phases: 1. Phase 1, Weeks 1-4: Full body workouts with HIIT cardio and abs to increase mobility, flexibility and endurance. 2. Phase 2, Weeks 5-8: Alternating strength days with HIIT and Tabata sessions to increase lean muscle, isolate muscle groups and count reps. 3. Phase 3, Weeks 9-12: Combining all the best parts of the previous phases to...

    Heather doesn’t count calories or macros, but she has in the past and advocates that it works. Previously, she has followed a 1500-1800 calories a day model. The macro ratio that works the best for her is 40:30:30. So 40 per cent of her daily calories come from carbohydrates, 30 per cent from protein and 30 per cent from fats. She stopped counting once she became too focused with achieving specific numbers and feeling guilty when she didn’t. Now she practices intuitive eating. She eats when’s she hungry and stops when she’s full. On days she works out she knows she will need extra fuel. She doesn’t follow a specific meal plan or diet. Heather is primarily plant-based but she is not vegan nor vegetarian. She just prefers to eat real, whole foods while trying to keep her diet well-rounded. She avoids sugars, added sugars, processed foods, fried foods and limits her dairy intake. She doesn’t follow anything restrictive as it is all about balance. She goes out to eat occasionally. On da...

    I completed Heather Robertson’s 12 Week Workout Plan after completing Caroline Girvan’s EPIC 10 Week Program. I wanted to improve my endurance as I did not feel physically fit enough to complete the EPIC II 10 Week Program. Since completing the program I have experienced a positive change both physically and mentally. I have greatly improved my endurance because of the HIIT portion of the program. You will sweat after every workout, but HIIT is the time you will really feel the burn because the breaks are short. I have also greatly improved by plyometrics because of the explosive moves throughout the program. Heather is a fan of jump squats, lateral bounds, burpees and many other dynamic moves that will improve your muscular strength. I am now able to run faster and jump higher for a longer period of time since I started the program. I am happy so see that the program is free and that Heather understands how it feels to be overwhelmed with the amount of fitness programs available on...

  6. Heather Robertson is in Calgary, Alberta. September 9 at 8:34 AM · New Kettlebell AMRAP just dropped on my YouTube channel 🔥 5x5 minute rounds full of sweaty goodness.

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