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    Hel is the setting for the Polish crime series Zbrodnia (2014–2015 ) “The Crime” in English. Climate. Hel has an oceanic climate (Köppen: Cfb). Its peninsular location generates a unique climate in Poland and more similar with the northwest of Europe.

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    The name of the peninsula could come from old-Polish word "hyl/hel" meaning empty, exposed place or from the Germanic word heel derived from the form of the peninsula and the fact that the area first settled by the eastgermanic Goths tribe.

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    The Battle of Hel (Polish: Obrona Helu, literally "the Defense of Hel") was a World War II engagement fought from 1 September to 2 October 1939 on the Hel Peninsula, of the Baltic Sea coast, between invading German forces and defending Polish units during the German invasion of Poland (also known in Polish historiography as the September Campaign).

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    In Norse mythology, Hel is an afterlife location. It is ruled over by a being of the same name, Hel. In late Icelandic sources, varying descriptions of Hel are given and various figures are described as being buried with items that will facilitate their journey to Hel after their death. In the Poetic Edda, Brynhildr's trip to Hel after her death is described and Odin, while alive, also visits Hel upon his horse Sleipnir. In the Prose Edda, Baldr goes to Hel on his death and subsequently...

    The Old Norse feminine proper noun Hel is identical to the name of the entity that presides over the realm, Old Norse Hel. The word has cognates in all branches of the Germanic languages, including Old English hell, Old Frisian helle, Old Saxon hellia, Old High German hella, and Gothic. All forms ultimately derive from the reconstructed Proto-Germanic feminine noun *haljō. In turn, the Proto-Germanic form derives from the o-grade form of the Proto-Indo-European root *kel-, *kol-: 'to cover ...

    In reference to Hel, in the poem Völuspá, a völva states that Hel will play an important role in Ragnarök. The Völva states that a crowing "sooty-red cock from the halls of Hel" is one of three cocks that will signal one of the beginning events of Ragnarök. The other ...

    In the Prose Edda, more detailed information is given about the location, including a detailed account of a venture to the region after the death of the god Baldr. Snorri's descriptions of Hel in the Prose Edda are not corroborated outside Baldrs draumar, which does not appear in

    Book I of Gesta Danorum contains an account of what has often been interpreted as a trip to Hel. While having dinner, King Hadingus is visited by a woman bearing stalks of hemlock who asks him if he knows where such fresh herbs grow in winter. Hadingus wants to know; so the woman

    Hilda Ellis Davidson, writing on Snorri's unique description of Hel in his Prose Edda, states that "it seems likely that Snorri's account of the underworld is chiefly his own work" and that the idea that the dead entering Hel who have died of sickness and old age may have been an attempt on Snorri's part to reconcile the tradition with his description of Valhalla, citing that "the one detailed account of Hel" that Snorri gives is that of Baldr entering Hel without dying of old age or sickness. D

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    Hel Peninsula, on the Polish Baltic coast Hel, Poland, a town on the Hel Peninsula; Hel Fortified Area, a fortress and naval base on the Hel peninsula; Helsinki Airport (IATA code HEL) Hensall railway station, England (National Rail station code HEL)

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    Feb 03, 2019 · English: Hel ( csb Hél) is a town in Puck County, Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland, located on the tip of the Hel Peninsula, some 33 kilometres from the Polish mainland. Polski: Hel ( kaszb. Hél ) to miasto i gmina w województwie pomorskim , w powiecie puckim , położone na cyplu Mierzei Helskiej .

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    Hel merupakan sebuah bandar yang terletak di wilayah Pomeranian, Poland Laman ini kali terakhir disunting pada 15:52, 15 Mac 2013. Teks disediakan dengan Lesen ...

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    Mar 01, 2021 · Hel [xɛl] (listen) (Kashubian: Hél [xel], German: Hela) is a town in Puck County, Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland, located on the tip of the Hel Peninsula, some 33 kilometres (21 miles) from the Polish mainland.

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    Hel (výslovnost [xɛl] IPA, kašubsky Hél, německy Hela) je město v severním Polsku, ležící u Baltského moře na špici Helské kosy ve vzdálenosti zhruba 33 km od hlavního pobřeží.

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