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  1. Mahatma Gandhi - Wikipedia › wiki › Mohandas_Karamchand_Gandhi

    4 days ago · During his tenure, Karamchand married four times. His first two wives died young, after each had given birth to a daughter, and his third marriage was childless. In 1857, Karamchand sought his third wife's permission to remarry; that year, he married Putlibai (1844–1891), who also came from Junagadh, and was from a Pranami Vaishnava family.

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    6 days ago · Young revelers who’ve had a beer or six meander from bar to bar; food trucks and walk-up eateries serve late-night snacks; the neon signs of clubs glow brightly. But some look at downtown Austin and see something else: home—and they’d very much like to get a good night’s sleep. These two forces in the city have been in conflict for years.

  3. Monomachus Crown - Wikipedia › wiki › Monomachus_Crown

    5 days ago · The Monomachus Crown (Hungarian: Monomakhosz-korona) is a piece of engraved Byzantine goldwork, decorated with cloisonné enamel, in the Hungarian National Museum in Budapest, Hungary. It consists of seven gold plates depicting Byzantine Emperor Constantine IX Monomachus , his wife Zoe , her sister Theodora , two dancers and two allegorical ...

  4. pay gap - Wiktionary › wiki › pay_gap

    Today · The difference in salaries between one group and another. Synonym: wage gap gender pay gap race pay gap sexual orientation pay gap 1988, Heidi Hartmann, “Achieving Economic ...

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