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    • Obituary by Richard Meier
    • Chronos Reception Remarks by Jacqueline Guéron
    • Memorial Service
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    Professor Carlota S. Smith of the Department of Linguistics at TheUniversity of Texas at Austin died Thursday, May 24 at the age of 73after a long battle with cancer. She was the Dallas TACA CentennialProfessor in the Humanities and taught at The University of Texas atAustin for 38 years. Carlota Smith received her bachelor's degree from Radcliffe Collegein 1955. In the late 1950s, she became a research assistant and then adoctoral student in the Department of Linguistics at the University ofPennsylvania. During this time she worked with Zellig Harris, whodirected the doctoral dissertation of Noam Chomsky and who would alsolater direct her own doctoral dissertation. In 1961, Prof. Smith was agraduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology inCambridge, MA, where she was one of the very first woman students towork with Chomsky. Prof. Smith's first publication (`A Class of ComplexModifiers in English', 1961) dates from this period. It appeared in thejournal Language. Afte...

    1. Carlota loved working and living in France where she hadmany colleagues and friends. Among them were her close friends Andréeand Mario Borillo. Carlota had met Andrée at the University ofPennsylvania in 1967 when they were both studying under ZeligHarris. And I first met Carlota in the nineteen seventies when shespent a year in Maurice Gross's lab and visited Marseilles a lot tosee the Borillos. Carlota and I became friends immediately. We had a lot in common, ourage, our background, the fact that we had both gone to Penn, ourenthusiasm for generative grammar, and our attitudes toward work andlife. We didn't see each other often but our friendship picked upwhere it left off every time she came to France. 2. In 2005 I spent the spring semester teaching in the English Dept. of UT under an exchange program with the Institut d'Anglais, U. de Paris 3.Carlota and I renewed our friendship. I met her husbandJohn and admired their beautiful home and their rich life, filled withpoetry, tog...

    A memorial service was held Saturday, June 2, 2007. It was a lovely,elegant celebration of Carlota's life. Below are transcripts of thespeeches given at the service. An audiorecordingof the service has been posted on the web. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Carlota Smith was born on May 21, 1934 in New York City to Charlesand Sylvia Shipman. She received her B.A. from Radcliffe College andher Ph.D. in linguistics from the University of Pennsylvania. Shetaught in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Texas atAustin from 1969 until her death on May 24, 2007. She leaves herhusband, John Robertson, her daughter Alison Smith, her son Joel Smith,and her grandchildren, Sylvia and Ari. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Judith Langlois gave a welcome and introduced each speaker in turn.Judith gave single white roses to each speaker and to Carlota's twograndchildren. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alison Smith spoke ne...

    (山勢盤陀真是畫 Shān shìpán túo zhēn shìhùa, 泉流它姿逡成書 We send ourdeepest condolences to Carlota’s family,friends, colleagues and the Department of Linguistics at UT Austin,where Ireceived my BA in the 1980s when Carlota was Department Chair.Carlota’s outstanding achievements as ascholar of tense and aspect, and as a leading woman academic havealways beeninspiring. Her work in the theory of aspect has been most influential,and hasbecome a classic. Especially meaningful to me was the way sheilluminatedChinese aspect.Carlota was one of themost admirable linguists that I have looked up to in my own career. In Hong Kong, my husbandand I had the pleasure and privilege of taking her to a dim-sum lunchin 2004,when she contacted us through her friend and co-author Mary Erbaugh. Atanearlier visit in the summer of 1998,weinvited her to talk to ourlinguisticsgraduate students at the ChineseUniversity of Hong Kong.I still vividly recall her infectious smiles, avid interest in whatpeople wereworking on,...

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