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  1. A language game (also called a cant, secret language, ludling, or argot) is a system of manipulating spoken words to render them incomprehensible to an untrained listener.. Language games are used primarily by groups attempting to conceal their conversations from oth

  2. Filipino English includes many Australian and British terms. It is a formal language that includes words no longer commonly used in American English. Spanish was taught as a compulsory language until 1968 but is seldom used today. Spanish numbers and some Spanish words are included in the dialects.

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    Jèrriais (French: Jersiais, also known as the Jersey Language, Jersey French and Jersey Norman French in English) is a Romance language and the traditional language of the Jersey people. It is a form of the Norman language spoken in Jersey , an island in the Channel Islands archipelago off the coast of France .

  4. Sep 01, 2019 · The majority of Filipinos use Roman alphabets, and each Filipino person is versatile in learning a new the language. Filipino and English are the two major languages to be found in the country, and regions within the country have their second or third language (like Ilonggo, Bisaya, Ilocano, Chavacano, etc.) which are all incorporated in the ...

  5. Identification. The Republic of Indonesia, the world's fourth most populous nation, has 203 million people living on nearly one thousand permanently settled islands. Some two-to-three hundred ethnic groups with their own languages and dialects range in population from the Javanese (about 70 million) and Sundanese (about 30 million) on Java, to peoples numbering in the thou

  6. Mar 16, 2022 · #singlelife #unattached #roadtrip #longweekend 1 month hotel stay 10 culture of mindanao 10 endangered species in the philippines 10 historical places in the philippines 10 outdoor recreational activities 10 unique christmas traditions in the philippines 100 facts about the philippines 100 islands pangasinan 101 facts about the philippines 14 ...

  7. Meanwhile Tagalog is sort of a nationwide dialect; a "default," if you will. Ilocano is not a dialect . it is also a language like English. Select the English as source language for translation. Select the Ilocano as target translation language. Enter the English words, phrases, scentenses or pargraph that you want to translate.

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