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  1. List of rulers of Estonia - Wikipedia

    The following list of rulers of Estonia indicates the rules throughout that nation's history. This list starts with the ancient Counties and Parishes each headed by Seniores and Meliores (Elders) as noted by Henry of Livonia.

  2. Pedigree: Hedwig (Heilwig) von HOLSTEIN

    HM George I's 5-Great Grandmother. HRE Charles VI's 7-Great Grandmother. U.S. President [MONROE] 's 13-Great Grandmother. PM Churchill's 15-Great Grandmother. Lady Diana's 15-Great Grandmother. PM Cameron's 14-Great Grandmother. HRH Albert II's 15-Great Grandmother. HM Margrethe II's 12-Great Grandmother. Gen.

  3. Henrik, Prince Consort of Denmark - Wikipedia

    Henrik was born in Talence, Gironde, France.He was the son of André de Laborde de Monpezat (6 May 1907 in Mont-de-Marsan – 23 February 1998 in Le Cayrou) and his wife, Renée Doursenot (26 October 1908 in Périgueux – 11 February 2001 in Le Cayrou) (married in 1948).

    • 14 January 1972 – 13 February 2018
    • 13 February 2018 (aged 83), Fredensborg Palace, Denmark
  4. Christina of Denmark - Wikipedia,_Duchess_of_Milan

    The negotiations were discontinued because of the death of Mary of Hungary. When the peace conference was opened again, she again resumed her post as the president of the conference, which took place in Le Cateau-Cambrésis, in February–April 1559. The peace treaty was regarded as a triumph of Christina's diplomacy skills.

    • 4 May 1534 – 24 October 1535
    • Cordeliers Convent, Nancy, Lorraine
  5. Ingrid of Sweden - Wikipedia,_Queen_of_Denmark

    Ingrid of Sweden (Ingrid Victoria Sofia Louise Margareta; 28 March 1910 – 7 November 2000) was Queen of Denmark from 1947 until 1972 as the wife of King Frederick IX.. Born into the House of Bernadotte, she was the daughter of King Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden and his first wife, Princess Margaret of Connaught.

  6. Schleswig-Holstein translation in English-German dictionary. en 26 Even supposing that the applicant has partial legal capacity under certain provisions of the constitution of the Land of Schleswig-Holstein which grant it organisational independence, allowing it to constitute itself, organise itself and determine its internal procedure, it must be pointed out that Article 93(2a) of the German ...

  7. 24th Schleswig-holstein Match - IPSC

    24th Schleswig-holstein Match Match Date: 2019-11-16 Match Discipline: Handgun Match Director: Jürgen Tegge Range Master: Kai Grone And Ulrich Henkens Stats Director: Nicole Grone Open 1. Christian WILDA (GER) 2. Stefan FISCHER 3. Frank BRÜGGEMANN 4. Peter DAVIS 5. Kristian BARTHOLIN 6. Jan GULDBRANDSEN 7.

  8. Dorothea of Denmark, Electress Palatine - Wikipedia

    After consulting Archbishop Carondelet, the President of the Council, and Granvelle, Dorothea and Christina sent the following petition to the Emperor: "My sister and I, your humble and loving children, entreat you, as the fountain of all justice, to have compassion on us. Open the prison doors, which you alone are able to do, release my father ...

  9. Kings and Queens - My family tree

    Through his father, Christian was thus a direct male-line descendant of King Christian 3. of Denmark and an (albeit junior) agnatic descendant of Helvig of Schauenburg (Count ess of Oldenburg), mother of King Christian 1. of Denmark, who was the "semi-salic" heiress of her brother Adolf of Schauenburg, last Schauenburg Duke of Schleswig and ...

  10. Royal Mistress | European Royal History

    Christian was also Duke of Schleswig (within Denmark) and count (after 1474, duke) of Holstein (within the Holy Roman Empire). He was the first king of the House of Oldenburg. Christian was the eldest son of Count Dietrich of Oldenburg by his second wife, Helvig of Holstein

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