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  1. Margaret I of Denmark - Wikipedia

    Margaret was born in March 1353 as the sixth and youngest child of King Valdemar IV and Helvig of Schleswig. She was born in the prison of Søborg Castle, where her father had already confined her mother.

    • 10 August 1387 – 28 October 1412
    • Olaf II
  2. Christoph Helvig (1581–1617) was a German chronologist and historian, theologian and linguist. Helvig was born at Sprendlingen. In chronology he generally was a...

  3. Helvig of Schleswig Her career lasted from 1340 to 1374. She passed away in 1374.

  4. Peter Dierks House - Wikipedia

    The Dierks-Creveling House is a two-story dwelling of native yellow limestone that was built on a 21-inch (53 cm) stone foundation. The main house measures 27 by 36 feet (8.2 by 11.0 m). The stone walls taper to 18 inches (46 cm) on the second floor.

    • 5 acres (2.0 ha)
    • Peter Dierks, Sr.
  5. John D Helvig, age 63, Des Moines, IA 50314 Background Check Known Locations: Des Moines IA 50305, Kilgore TX 75662 Possible Relatives: David R Helvig, Jackie Darlene Helvig

  6. List of Norwegian monarchs | Historipedia Official Wiki | Fandom
    • Rulers of Norway
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    Fairhair dynasty

    1. Main article: Fairhair dynasty Besides becoming sole king after his father's death, Eric Bloodaxe was king jointly with his father for three years before his death. After Harald's death, Eric ruled as "overking" of his brothers, who also held status as kings and had control over certain regions. Harald Greycloak also ruled as "overking" of his brothers. All dates for the kings of the Fairhair dynasty are approximate and/or just scholarly estimates. Slight differences might therefore occur...

    House of Knýtlinga/Earl of Lade

    1. Main articles: House of Knýtlinga and Earls of Lade The Danish king Harald Bluetooth had himself hailed as king of Norway after the Battle of Fitjar (c. 961). Besides gaining direct control of Viken in south-eastern Norway, he let Harald Greycloak rule the rest of Norway as king, nominally under himself. Harald Bluetooth later switched his support to Harald Greycloak's rival, Haakon Sigurdsson, Earl of Lade, who eventually captured Harald Greycloak's kingdom. Haakon thereafter ruled Norway...

    House of Knýtlinga/Earls of Lade

    1. Main articles: House of Knýtlinga and Earls of Lade After the Battle of Svolder, the Danes recaptured Norway under Sweyn Forkbeard. As before, the Danes controlled the petty kingdoms of Viken as vassals, while the two Earls of Lade, Eric Haakonsson and Sweyn Haakonsson, ruled Western Norway and Trøndelag, nominally as earls under Sweyn.Eric is generally held as the de facto ruler of Norway from 1000 to 1015, together with his brother Sweyn, a lesser known figure, with whom he shared his po...

    List of heads of government of Norway
    List of Norwegian monarchs' coats of arms
    List of Norwegian monarchs' mottos
  7. Laura L Helvig, age 33, Saint Paul, MN 55112 View Full Report. Known Locations: Saint Paul MN, 55112, Minneapolis MN 55435, Hopkins MN 55343 Possible Relatives: Tony O Hand, Betty J Helvig, Michael S Helvig

  8. Margaret I of Denmark (1353–1412) |

    Born in 1353; died on board her royal ship anchored in Flensburg's harbor on October 28, 1412; second daughter of Valdemar IV also known as Waldemar IV Atterdag, king of Denmark (r. 1340–1375), and Queen Helvig of Denmark (sister of Waldemar III, duke of Schleswig); sister of Ingeborg (1347–1370); married Haakon VI (1338–1380), king of Norway (r. 1355–1380), king of Sweden (r. 1362–1364), in 1363; children: Olaf or Oluf (born at the royal castle of Oslo in 1370), king of Denmark (r ...

  9. Monique M Helvig, age 51, Canby, OR 97013 View Full Report Known Locations: Canby OR, 97013, Beavercreek OR 97004, Westminster CO 80031 Monique Louise Helvikbroich, age 80, El Cajon, CA 92020 View Full Report

  10. Full text of "A history of the Danes in America"

    Full text of "A history of the Danes in America" See other formats Glass Bnok ^_ /JL5'__f_ A HISTORY OF THE DANES IN AMERICA. JOHN H. BILLE. /I From the Transactions of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts, AND Letters, Vol. XI. \Issited March, 1S9G.] ^ ^ A HISTORY OF THE DANES IN AMERICA.