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    (Redirected from Henriette of Mömpelgard) Henriette (1387 – 14 February 1444) was Sovereign Countess of Montbéliard from 1397 until 1444. She was the daughter of Henry of Orbe (died 1396), and the heiress of her grandfather, Stephen, Count of Montbéliard. Her great-grandfather was Henry I of Montbéliard.

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    May 03, 2019 · From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository Deutsch: Henriette von Mömpelgard (1391-1444), Gattin Eberhard IV von Württemberg. Nach dessen Tod Vormundschaft für ihre Söhne Ludwig I und Ulrich V der Vielgeliebte. Auf Grund der weiblichen Erbfolge nach Eberhards Tod Regierende Gräfin von Württemberg-Mömpelgard.

    • 1384
    • 14 February 1444, Montbéliard
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    English. Henriette was the oldest daughter and main heiress of Henry of Mömpelgard, who died in 1396 one year before his father, Count Stephan of Mömpelgard.

  4. Henriette, Countess of Montbéliard Label from public data source Wikidata Henriette, von Mömpelgard, Gräfin, consort of Eberhard IV, Graf von Württemberg, 1387-1444 Mömpelgard, Henriette von, d. 1444

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    Henriette (1387 – February 14, 1444), was the daughter of Henry of Orbe (died 1396), and the heiress of her grandfather, Stephen, Count of Montbéliard. Her great-grandfather was Henry I of Montbéliard. She married Eberhard IV, Count of Württemberg and governed the city of Montbéliard together with her husband. It was because of the marriage that Montbéliard became a part of Württemberg.

  6. February 14 – Henriette of Mömpelgard,countess (born 1387) March 9 – Leonardo Bruni, Italian humanist (born 1374) April 26 – Robert Campin, Flemish artist (born 1378) May 20 – Bernardino of Siena, Italian saint and missionary (born 1380) May 27 – John Beaufort, English duke and military leader (born 1404)

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    In 1397 the town, known in German as Mömpelgard, passed by marriage of Henriette, heiress of county to Eberhard IV, Count of Württemberg, to the House of Württemberg. In 1524, ten years earlier than in Württemberg, duke Ulrich and reformer William Farel made Mömpelgard Protestant (specifically Lutheran).

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    Henriette von Mömpelgard was born about 1387, daughter of Henri II de Montfaucon and Marie de Chatillon. She was married about 1407 to Eberhard IV von Württemberg, they had 3 children. She died on February 14, 1444 in Mömpelgard (=Montbéliard), Duitsland. This information is part of by on Genealogy Online.

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    Henriëtte Louise van Württemberg-Mömpelgard was born on June 30, 1623 in Montbéliard (Mömpelgard), Franche-Comté, daughter of Lodewijk Frederik Hertog van Württemberg-Mömpelgard and Elisabeth Magdalena van Hessen-Darmstadt. She was married on August 31, 1642 to Albrecht van Hohenzollern Markgraaf van Brandenburg-Ansbach, they had 3 children.

  10. The County of Montbéliard (French: Comté de Montbéliard; German: Grafschaft Mömpelgard), was a feudal county of the Holy Roman Empire seated in the city of Montbéliard in the present-day Franche-Comté region of France. From 1444 onwards it was held by the House of Württemberg.