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  1. Albert II, Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach - Wikipedia

    Albert's first wife, Henriette Louise of Württemberg-Mömpelgard, in a painting by Benjamin Block, 1643 In Stuttgart on 31 August 1642 he married Henriette Louise (1623–1650), daughter of Louis Frederick, Duke of Württemberg-Montbéliard , with the following children:

  2. Alsace - Wikipedia

    As a result, Alsace was transformed into a mosaic of Catholic and Protestant territories. On the other hand, Mömpelgard (Montbéliard) to the southwest of Alsace, belonging to the Counts of Württemberg since 1397, remained a Protestant enclave in France until 1793. German Land within the Kingdom of France

  3. Duchess Elisabeth of Württemberg - Wikipedia

    Life. She was the eighth of the twelve children of Frederick II Eugene, Duke of Württemberg, by his wife, Sophia Dorothea of Brandenburg-Schwedt.She was baptised with the names Elisabeth Wilhelmine Luise.

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    Oct 03, 2011 · Henriette von Mömpelgard was born in 1387. 1 She was the daughter of Henry of Orbe. 1 She married Eberhard IV Graf von Württemberg, son of Eberhard III Graf von Württemberg and Antonia Visconti. 1 She died on 14 February 1444. 1

  5. henriette countess of montbeliard : definition of henriette ... countess of...

    From Wikipedia Henriette (1387 – February 14, 1444), was the daughter of Henry of Orbe (died 1396), and the heiress of her grandfather, Stephen, Count of Montbéliard. Her great-grandfather was Henry I of Montbéliard. She married Eberhard IV, Count of Württemberg and governed the city of Montbéliard together with her husband.

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    Jan 30, 2017 · Henriette Luise von Württemberg-Mompelgard was born on 20 June 1623. 1 She was the daughter of Ludwig Friedrich Herzog von Württemberg-Mompelgard and Elisabeth Magdalena von Hessen-Darmstadt. 1 She married Albrecht II Markgraf von Brandenburg-Ansbach, son of Joachim Ernst Markgraf von Brandenburg-Ansbach and Sophie Gräfin von Solms-Laubach ...

  7. Leopold Eberhard, Duke of Württemberg-Montbéliard - Wikipedia,_Duke_of...

    When his father died in 1699, Leopold Eberhard succeeded him as Duke of Württemberg-Mömpelgard, as his older brothers had died prematurely. Its dominions extended primarily to the historic County of Montbéliard , which at the beginning of the 15th century passed to the House of Württemberg through the marriage of Henriette , the last Countess from the House of Montfaucon with Eberhard IV, Count of Württemberg .

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    Henriette Luise von Württemberg-Mompelgard 2 b. 20 Jun 1623, d. 24 Aug 1650 Leopold Friedrich Herzog von Württemberg-Mompelgard 2 b. 30 May 1624, d. 15 Jun 1662 Children of Ludwig Friedrich Herzog von Württemberg-Mompelgard and Anne Eleonora von Nassau-Weilburg-Saarbrücken

  9. Philip I, Margrave of Baden - Wikipedia,_Margrave_of_Baden

    Margrave Philip I of Baden (6 November 1479 – 17 September 1533) took over the administration of his father's possessions Baden (Baden-Baden), Durlach, Pforzheim and Altensteig and parts of Eberstein, Lahr and Mahlberg in 1515 and ruled as governor until he inherited the territories in 1527.

  10. John Frederick, Duke of Württemberg - Wikipedia,_Duke_of...

    Duchess Henriette of Württemberg-Stuttgart, 12 December 1610 – 18 February 1623; Duke Frederick of Württemberg-Stuttgart, 15 March 1612 – 12 June 1612; Duchess Antonia of Württemberg-Stuttgart, 24 March 1613 – 1 October 1679; Eberhard III, Duke of Württemberg, 16 December 1614 – 2 July 1674