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  1. Henriette de Montfaucon (1387-1444) | Familypedia | Fandom

    Henriette de Montfaucon was born 1387 to Henri de Montfaucon (c1366-1396) and Marie de Châtillon (c1363-1394) and died 14 February 1444 in Mömpelgard, France of unspecified causes. She married Eberhard IV. von Württemberg (1388-1419) circa 1398 JL .

    • 1387
    • Marie de Châtillon (c1363-1394)
    • 96LM-K4
    • Eberhard IV. von Württemberg (1388-1419)
  2. John III, Duke of Cleves - Wikipedia

    John III the Peaceful, Duke of Cleves and Count of Mark (John III, Duke of Cleves; John I, Duke of Jülich-Berg; German: Johann III der Friedfertige, Herzog von Jülich-Kleve-Berg; 10 November 1490 – 6 February 1538 or 1539) was a son of John II, Duke of Cleves and Mathilde of Hesse, daughter of Henry III, Landgrave of Upper Hesse.

    • 10 November 1490
    • La Marck
  3. Henriette de Montfaucon-montbeliard (1387-1444) » Genealogie ...

    Henriette de Montfaucon-montbeliard was born in the year 1387, daughter of Henri Ii de Montfaucon-montbeliard and Marie de Chatillon-sur-marne. She was married in the year 1397 to Eberhard Iv van Würtemberg, they had 3 children. She died on February 14, 1444 in Mömpelgard. This information is part of by on Genealogy Online.

    • Female
    • Eberhard Iv Van Würtemberg, Eberhard Iv
  4. Montbéliard | Familypedia | FANDOM powered by Wikiaéliard

    Montbéliard[1] (archaic German: Mömpelgard) is a city in the Doubs department in the Franche-Comté region in eastern France. It is one of the two subprefectures of the department. Mentioned first in 985 as Mons Beliardae, it became a county of the Holy Roman Empire in the 11th century. In 1397 the town, known in German as Mömpelgard, passed by marriage of Henriette, heiress of county to ...

    • Jacques Hélias
    • 25388 / 25200
    • Montbéliard-Est and Montbéliard-Ouest
    • Pays de Montbéliard
  5. Short biography of Anna de Coligny (1624-80), Duchess of ...

    Thus, Anna was taken to Belfort to live with her sister Henriette (1618-73). It was in Belfort that Anna met Georg of Württemberg. After their marriage, Georg and Anna lived at castle Horburg. From 1650 onwards Anna gave birth to 5 daughters and 3 sons. The 2 eldest sons died young. The youngest daughter, Hedwig, was born in 1667 in Mömpelgard.

  6. County of Montbéliard - Le Parisien

    The County of Montbéliard was not a vassalagee of Württemberg; it was his equal but hereditary committed to the marriage of Count Eberhard IV by Henriette. De facto, it would retain "all its rights, traditions and customs, as well as its language" as it was customary in the vast Holy Roman Empire (German was never imposed Montbéliard).

  7. 1387 Facts for Kids |

    Henriette of Mömpelgard, countess of Mömpelgard and regent of Württemberg (died 1444) Isabella of Valois, Princess of France (died 1410) Deaths. July 20 – Robert IV of Artois, Count of Eu (poisoned) (b. 1356) July 22 – Franz Ackerman, Flemish statesman (born 1330) August 23 – King Olaf IV of Norway/Olaf III of Denmark (born 1370)

  8. Lijst van graven van Montbéliard : definition of Lijst van ... van graven van...

    Lettris is a curious tetris-clone game where all the bricks have the same square shape but different content. Each square carries a letter. To make squares disappear and save space for other squares you have to assemble English words (left, right, up, down) from the falling squares.

  9. 1444 Facts for Kids |

    February 14 – Henriette of Mömpelgard,countess (born 1387) March 9 – Leonardo Bruni, Italian humanist (born 1374) April 26 – Robert Campin, Flemish artist (born 1378) May 20 – Bernardino of Siena, Italian saint and missionary (born 1380) May 27 – John Beaufort, English duke and military leader (born 1404)

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