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  1. Henry II, Duke of Austria - Wikipedia,_Duke_of_Austria

    Henry II (German: Heinrich; 1112 – 13 January 1177), called Jasomirgott, a member of the House of Babenberg, was Count Palatine of the Rhine from 1140 to 1141, Duke of Bavaria (as Henry XI) and Margrave of Austria from 1141 to 1156, and the first Duke of Austria from 1156 until his death.

  2. Henry XVI, Duke of Bavaria - Wikipedia

    Henry XVI of Bavaria (1386 – 30 July 1450, in Landshut), (German: Heinrich der Reiche, Herzog von Bayern-Landshut), since 1393 Duke of Bavaria-Landshut. He was a son of duke Frederick and his wife Maddalena Visconti, a daughter of Bernabò Visconti.

  3. Henry the Lion, Duke of Saxony was born in 1139, at birth place, to Henry X, Duke of Bavaria and Gertrude of Austria (born Süpplingenburg). Henry was born circa 1108. Gertrude was born on April 18 1115.

  4. Duchy of Bavaria - Wikipedia

    Duke Albrecht IV of Bavaria-Munich united Bavaria in 1503 through war and primogeniture. However, the originally Bavarian offices Kufstein , Kitzbühel and Rattenberg in Tirol were lost in 1504. In spite of the decree of 1506, Albert's oldest son William IV was compelled to grant a share in the government in 1516 to his brother Louis X , an ...

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  6. Austria - Early Babenberg period | Britannica

    Austria - Austria - Early Babenberg period: The first mention of a ruler in the regained territories east of the Enns is of Burchard, who probably was count (burgrave) of Regensburg. It appears that he lost his office as a result of his championship of Henry II the Quarrelsome, duke of Bavaria. In 976 his successor, Leopold I of the house of Babenberg, was installed in office. Under Leopold ...

  7. Henry de Baviera (c.1074 - 1126) - Genealogy

    Sep 28, 2018 · Henry IX, Duke of Bavaria From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Henry IX (died 13 December 1126), called the Black, a member of the House of Welf, was duke of Bavaria from 1120 to 1126. Henry was the second son of Welf I, Duke of Bavaria and Judith of Flanders. As a young man, he administered the family's property south of the Alps.

  8. Henry X, Duke of Bavaria - Wikipedia,_Duke_of_Bavaria

    Henry the Proud (German: Heinrich der Stolze) (c. 1108 – 20 October 1139), a member of the House of Welf, was Duke of Bavaria (as Henry X) from 1126 to 1138 and Duke of Saxony (as Henry II) as well as Margrave of Tuscany and Duke of Spoleto from 1137 until his death.

  9. Duchy of Carinthia - Wikipedia

    Duke Henry's son Henry II "the Quarreller" from 974 onwards, revolted against his cousin Emperor Otto II, whereupon he was deposed as Duke of Bavaria in favour of Otto's nephew Duke Otto I of Swabia. At the same time Emperor Otto II created a sixth duchy in addition to the original stem duchies , the new Duchy of Carinthia.

  10. Henry ll “the Quarrelsome”, Duke of Bavaria (951 - 995 ...

    Jan 15, 2020 · Henry II, Duke of Bavaria. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Henry II (951–995), called the Wrangler or the Quarrelsome, in German Heinrich der Zänker, was the son of Henry I and Judith of Bavaria and a seventh generation descendant of Charlemagne. He succeed his father at the age of four, under the guardianship of his mother Judith.

  11. Henry II, Duke of Bavaria - Wikipedia

    Henry II (951 – 28 August 995), called the Wrangler or the Quarrelsome (German: Heinrich der Zänker), a member of the German royal Ottonian dynasty, was Duke of Bavaria from 955 to 976 and again from 985 to 995, as well as Duke of Carinthia from 989 to 995.