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  2. 1180s - Wikipedia

    He breaks up Henry's former domain; one part of Saxony has renamed the Duchy of Westphalia, and other parts are given to his ally Otto I (the Redhead), duke of Bavaria. September 18 – Philip II becomes King of France. Afonso I of Portugal is taken prisoner by Ferdinand II of León.

  3. Munich - Wikipedia,_Bavaria

    In 1175 Munich received city status and fortification. In 1180 with the trial of Henry the Lion, Otto I Wittelsbach became Duke of Bavaria, and Munich was handed to the Bishop of Freising. (Wittelsbach's heirs, the Wittelsbach dynasty, ruled Bavaria until 1918.)

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  5. The Dialogue of Chivalry of Duke Finnvarr de Taahe. Posted on 25.10.2020 by gake ...

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    It was founded by the Welfs, a Frankish dynasty in Swabia who became later Dukes of Bavaria and Saxony and who made the castle of Ravensburg their ancestral seat. By a contract of inheritance, in 1191 the Hohenstaufen Frederick Barbarossa acquired the ownership of Ravensburg from Welf VI, Duke of Spoleto and uncle of both Frederick Barbarossa ...

  7. Thirty Years' War - Wikipedia'_War

    The Thirty Years' War was primarily fought in Central Europe between 1618 and 1648. Estimates of the total number of military and civilian deaths which resulted range from 4.5 to 8 million, the vast majority from disease or starvation.

  8. In the Middle Ages it was established as a duchy, and eventually the Duke of Bavaria became a Prince-elector of the Holy Roman Empire. The Kingdom of Bavaria existed from 1806 to 1918, and after that Bavaria became a free state (republic), formally the Free State of Bavaria, located in the southeast of Germany.

  9. 1777 - Wikipedia

    1777 was a common year starting on Wednesday of the Gregorian calendar and a common year starting on Sunday of the Julian calendar, the 1777th year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 777th year of the 2nd millennium, the 77th year of the 18th century, and the 8th year of the 1770s decade.

  10. Bavaria Germany

    Officials in southern Germany are considering imposing hefty fines against a 26-year-old American woman linked to a cluster of coronavirus cases in the Alpine resort town of Garmi