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  2. Eleanor of Provence (c. 1223 – 24/25 June 1291) was a Provençal noblewoman who became Queen of England as the wife of King Henry III from 1236 until his death in 1272. She served as regent of England during the absence of her spouse in France in 1253.

  3. Eleanor Of Provence (born 1223—died June 25, 1291, Amesbury, Wiltshire, Eng.) was the queen consort of King Henry III of England (ruled 1216–72); her widespread unpopularity intensified the severe conflicts between the King and his barons. Eleanors father was Raymond Berengar IV, count of Provence, and her mother was the daughter of ...

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  4. Eleanor of Provence. Eleanor was married to King Henry III at Canterbury Cathedral at the age of twelve on 14th January 1236. Henry was then twenty-eight. Famed for her beauty.

  5. Following the revolt, Henry ruled England personally, rather than governing through senior ministers. He travelled less than previous monarchs, investing heavily in a handful of his favourite palaces and castles. He married Eleanor of Provence, with whom he had five children.

  6. Eleanor of Provence (c. 1222–1291) Queen of England, wife and consort of Henry III, king of England (1216–1272), mother of Edward I, king of England (1272–1306), who unjustly incurred the enmity of her nation. Name variations: Alianora; Eleanora; Elinor.

  7. Henry married Eleanor, daughter of Raymond Berenger V, Count of Provence, in Canterbury cathedral on 14th January 1236 (she later became a nun and died at Amesbury in 1291).

  8. Born: October 1, 1207, Winchester, Hampshire, Eng. Died: November 16, 1272, London (aged 65) Title / Office: king (1216-1272), England. House / Dynasty: house of Plantagenet. Notable Family Members: spouse Eleanor of Provence. father John. son Edward I.