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    Guillaume IX, duke of Aquitaine. ... Henry IX “the Black”, duke of Bavaria. Henry Michell. Henry Neale. ... margrave of Austria. Lescelina de Clinton.

  2. List of rulers of Bavaria | Historipedia Official Wiki | Fandom

    Henry IX the Black: Henry IX: Duke of Bavaria: 1120: 1126: Welf: Son of Welf I. Abdicated. Henry X the Proud: Henry IX: Duke of Bavaria: 1126: 1138: Welf: Son of Henry IX the Black. In a power struggle with King Conrad III of Germany, Henry X lost his duchy to the King, who granted it to his follower Leopold Margrave of Austria. Leopold I ...

  3. Henry X, Duke of Bavaria

    Henry XIV, Duke of BavariaHenry XIV, duke of Bavaria, as duke of Lower Bavaria also called Henry II., (29 September 1305 – 1 September 1339 in Landshut). Family He was a son of Stephen I, Duke of Bavaria and Jutta of Schweidnitz.

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    Bavaria and Saxony. Henry IX, Duke of Bavaria, from 1120–1126, was the first of the three dukes of the Welf dynasty called Henry.His wife Wulfhild was the heiress of the house of Billung, possessing the territory around Lüneburg in Lower Saxony.

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    Rulers of Bavaria Ducal Bavaria (also known as the "Old Stem duchy") Agilolfing Dynasty. Around 548 the kings of the Franks placed the border region of Bavaria under the administration of a duke — possibly Frankish or possibly chosen from amongst the local leading families — who was supposed to act as a regional governor for the Frankish king.

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    Henry V, Duke of Saxony, son of Henry X, Duke of Bavaria and Gertrude of Süpplingenburg, daughter of Lothair III, Holy Roman Emperor and Richenza of Northeim. Henry X, Duke of Bavaria, son of Henry IX, Duke of Bavaria and Wulfhilde of Saxony, daughter of Magnus, Duke of Saxony and Sophia of Hungary.

  7. Henry Brunswick - Historical records and family trees ...

    Henry X, Duke of Bavaria was born in 1108, to Henry Ix, Duke of Bavaria and Wulfhilde of Saxony. Henry married Gertrude of Süpplingenburg on May 29 1127, at age 19. They had one son: Henry The Lion .

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    The move gave Henry the Lion (House Welf) Bavaria and elevated Austria to a Duke under Henry II Jasomirgott (house Babenberg) in 1156 (died 1177). Prior to this all of Austria was part of Bavaria since 976 ( overseen by the Babenbergs ) and Bavaria was even ruled from Salzburg for a short while in the 700s.

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    The history of Bavaria includes its earliest settlement by Iron Age Celtic tribes, followed by the conquests of the Roman Empire in the 1st century BC, when the territory was incorporated into the provinces of Raetia and Noricum. It is with Theodo that the well-sourced history of Bavaria begins. Independence from Bavaria was secured in the late 14th century.

  10. The Marriage of the Century - A Burgundian Timeline | Page 27 ...

    Jan 30, 2019 · - Infanta Ana, Duchess of Burgundy, b 1472 m Philip, Duke of Burgundy b 1469 Issue: See Chapter 30-Juan, Prince of Asturias, b 1474 d 1497 m Eleanor of Austria b 1479 Issue: Stillborn daughter 1497-Stillborn son 1476-Infanta Juana, Queen of the Romans, b 1478 m Frederick of Austria, King of the Romans b 1478 Issue: See Chapter 28

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