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  1. Henry VIII - Spouses, Wives & Children - HISTORY

    Henry VIII: Death and Legacy King Henry VIII (1491-1547) ruled England for 36 years, presiding over sweeping changes that brought his nation into the Protestant Reformation. He famously married a...

  2. O. Henry Short Stories | Short Story Guide

    O. Henry Short Stories O. Henry is known for entertaining and clever short stories. Here is a sampling of some of his stories with a short summary for each. This page contains some of O. Henry’s best and well known stories as well as lesser known works.

  3. Dec 15, 2020 · In 1902 O. Henry arrived in New York—his “Bagdad on the Subway.” From December 1903 to January 1906 he produced a story a week for the New York Sunday World magazine and also wrote for other magazines. His first book, Cabbages and Kings (1904), depicted fantastic characters against exotic Honduran backgrounds.

    • What is O. Henry famous for?
      American writer O. Henry is famous for his short stories. His tales romanticized the commonplace—in particular, the life of ordinary people in New...
    • Where was O. Henry from?
      O. Henry was born and raised in Greensboro, North Carolina.
    • What was O. Henry’s real name?
      American writer O. Henry was born William Sidney Porter. He later changed the spelling of his middle name to “Sydney” and subsequently adopted “O....
    • What were O. Henry’s jobs?
      Before O. Henry was a professional writer, he worked as a clerk in a drugstore. In 1882 he went to Texas, where he worked on a ranch, in a general...
  4. Henry Story

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  6. Henry's Story: Creating Online Identities - YouTube

    A young boy discusses the difference in how he is treated online and in person. Use this video in your classroom in conjunction with the lesson plan, Which M...

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  7. Henry (Story Library book) | Thomas the Tank Engine Wikia ...
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    Henry is too expensive for the railway to keep due to his penchant for falling ill. But when the Fat Controller gives him some Welsh coal, Henry has never felt better.

    This book is based on the story "Coal" from Henry the Green Engine. The story "The Flying Kipper" from the same book is also mentioned.
    The book was released with a CD narrated by Michael Angelisin 2007.

    The French version is titled "Henry le petit train". This is inaccurate since "petit" means "small."

  8. O. Henry - Wikipedia

    William Sydney Porter (September 11, 1862 – June 5, 1910), better known by his pen name O. Henry, was an American short story writer.. Porter was born in Greensboro, North Carolina, and later moved to Texas in 1882.

  9. John Henry (folklore) - Wikipedia

    John Henry was featured as a fictional character in the 2014 video game Wasteland 2. The story is referenced by various NPCs throughout the game and is also available in full as a series of in game books which tell the story of the competition between John Henry and a contingent of robotic workers.

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