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    Wayne Bertram Williams (born May 27, 1958) is an American serial killer who is serving life imprisonment for the 1981 killing of two men in Atlanta, Georgia, and the police believe that he is responsible for at least 23 of the 30 Atlanta murders of 1979–1981, also known as the Atlanta Child Murders.

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    Wayne Williams was born in Atlanta in 1958. In the midst of a rash of child murders in the late 1970s and early 1980s, fibers found on one victim matched those found in Williams's car and home, and...

  3. Only one man had DNA carpet fibers combined with DNA identified hairs from his dog matched with forensic evidence from victim’s clothing: Wayne Williams. And Williams had a bona fide script for legitimately interviewing young people alone, as he was a music business talent scout.

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    The infamous Atlanta Child Murders took place between 1979 and 1981 — and ended with Wayne Williams' arrest and conviction. But was justice really served? Wayne Williams was convicted for the murder of two young men but was largely assumed to be responsible for the murder spree of some 28 children and teens between 1979 and 1981.

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    The suspect was Wayne Williams, an Atlanta native. Like the victims, Williams was African American, which contradicted the local belief that the murders were racially motivated and carried out by white supremacists.

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    The Chilling True Story Behind the Suspected Serial Killer of the Atlanta Child Murders August 18, 2019 by Stacey Nguyen The most gripping episodes of Mindhunter 's second season revolve around...

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    On June 21, 1981, police arrested a 23-year-old Atlanta resident Wayne Williams for the murders of Nathaniel Cater, 27, and Jimmy Ray Payne, 21. The FBI also believed that Williams was responsible for the entire run of “child murders,” although he was never charged with any of those crimes.

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    Although forensic evidence connected Williams, a 23-year-old black homosexual music promoter, with many of the Atlanta killings, he was charged on only two counts. Williams' trial began December 28, 1981. Following an adjournment for the holidays, testimony got under way on January 6, 1982.

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    Williams, 37, ex-bus mechanic, inmate No. 9293245, housed alone in a safety cell in Dade County Jail, already sentenced to 40 years for rape, faces the electric chair in one of the 32 murders.

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