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    Hermann II , Count of Celje, was a Styrian nobleman and magnate most notable as the faithful supporter and father-in-law of the Hungarian king Sigismund of Luxembourg. Hermann's loyalty to the King ensured him generous grants of land and privileges that led him to become the greatest landowner in Slavonia. He served as governor of Carniola, and twice as ban of the combined provinces of ...

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    the Counts of Celje by Emperor Louis IV, and go on to become the most powerful family in the region. 1436 King Sigismund of Luxemburg, who some 40 years earlier had had his life saved by Count Hermann II and later married Hermann’s daughter Barbara, elevates the Counts to the rank of princes of the Holy Roman Empire. The

  3. The count Hermann II had his own son – Frederick II locked up in the tower because of his love and marriage to a commoner Veronika of Desenice. The chronicles of the Counts of Celje suggest that Herman II also initiated a trial against Veronika accusing her of witchcraft. She was acquitted by the court and murdered by being drowned in 1425.

  4. Hermann II Count of CILLI-ORTENBURG was born about 1365 in Of, Celje, Slovenija, Yugoslavia. He died on 13 Oct 1435 in , Pozsony, Pozsony Megye, Hungary. He married Anna Countess of SCHAUNBERG about 1377 in Of, Celje, Slovenija, Yugoslavia. Anna Countess of SCHAUNBERG was born about 1358 in Of, Celje, Slovenija, Yugoslavia. She died in 1396.

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    In the Middle Ages, Veliki Tabor belonged to Hermann II, Count of Celje. His son Fridrik fell in love with Veronika, a girl from a poor family. Hermann refused to accept a minor noblewoman as his daughter-in-law. He accused her of witchcraft and had her drowned. Frederick's rebellion against Hermann ended with Frederick's imprisonment.

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    In 1396 count Hermann II of Cilli was in command of Styrian troops that took part in the Battle of Nicopolis. The Ottoman army won the battle decisively, but the count saved the life of the Hungarian king Sigismund of Luxemburg (from 1433 Holy Roman emperor).

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    Principality of Celje. The relationship between Hermann II and Frederick II smoothed a little, but the two remained rivals. Hermann II was now reluctant to entrust Frederick with management of the family estates. In 1429 Frederick was given the title Count of Zagorje by King Sigismund of Hungary, something Hermann probably opposed.

  8. Countess Anna (of Schaunberg) was born circa 1358 of Celje, Slovenia, Yugoslavia. 1 She married Count Hermann II (of Cilli-Ortenburg) circa 1377 of Celje, Slovenia, Yugoslavia. 1 Countess Anna (of Schaunberg) died in 1396. 1

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    Anyway she was a Kotromanic and was married to Hermann I, Count of Cilli or Celje, a prominent Slovenian noble. Their son Hermann II rose to even greater prominence as Ban of Croatia, and his daughter Barbara married the Emperor Sigismund (incidentally earning as evil a reputation in her chequered career as he did through his cruel acts) and became a universal ancestress of European royalty ...

  10. Oct 05, 2018 · Barbara was the daughter of Herman II, Count of Celje, and Countess Anna of Schaunberg. Barbara's paternal grandparents were Hermann I, Count of Cilli, and his wife, Catherine of Bosnia, a possible sister of Elizabeth of Bosnia. Barbara's maternal grandparents were Henry III of Schaunberg and his wife Ursula of Görz.