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  1. Hermann II of Celje, count (c.1365 - 1435) - Genealogy

    May 23, 2018 · Hermann II of Celje Hermann II; (c. 1365 – 13 October 1435) was a Count of Celje and Ban of Croatia, Slavonia and Dalmatia. Hermann was the son of Hermann I, Count of Cilli, and his wife Katerina of Bosnia. Her maternal grandfather was Stephen II Kotromanić.

  2. Celje - Wikipedia

    The first mention of Celje in the Middle Ages was under the name of Cylie in Wolfhold von Admont's Chronicle, which was written between 1122 and 1137. The town was the seat of the Counts of Celje from 1341 to 1456 It acquired market-town status in the first half of the 14th century and town privileges from Count Frederick II on 11 April 1451.

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    Hermann II (1360s–1435), Styrian magnate, Count of Celje. comes Fredericus, filius eiusdem, Nicolaus de gara, regni Hungariae palatinus, Stiborius de Stiboricz alias vaiuoda Transyluanus, Joannes filius Henrici de Thamassy et; Jacobus Laczk de Zantho, vaiuodae Transyluani, Joannes de Maroth Machouiensis, Pipo de Ozora Zewreniensis, bani;

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    John II, Duke of Bavaria (Wittelsbach) 1376 2 May 1389 20 August 1400 husband's deposition 1410 husband's Italian reign ends 16 August 1419 husband's death: 26 September 1425 100px: Barbara of Celje: Hermann II, Count of Celje 1390/1395 1408 21 July 1411 husband's election as Emperor 25 November 1431 husband's coronation as King 31 May 1433

  5. Ladislaus Garai - Wikipedia

    Ladislaus was the son of Nicholas Garai, Palatine of Hungary and his wife, Anna of Celje. His father was a most powerful baron in the Kingdom of Hungary in the reign of King Sigismund. Ladislaus's mother—a daughter of Hermann II, Count of Celje—was the sister of King Sigismund's wife, Barbara of Celje.

  6. Anna married Hermann II, Count of Celje in 1377, at age 19. They had 2 children: Barbara of Cilli and Frederick II Count of Celje. Anna passed away in 1396, at age 38. Anna of Poland, Countess of of Poland (born Celje), 1366 - Circa 1425

  7. RoyalDish - Royal names - page 33

    Hermann II, Count of Celje (1365–1435) was a Styrian nobleman and magnate most notable as the faithful supporter and father-in-law of the Hungarian king Sigismund of Luxembourg. Hermann II was the younger son of Count Hermann I of Celje and his wife, Catherine of Bosnia.

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    In the Middle Ages, Veliki Tabor belonged to Hermann II, Count of Celje. His son Fridrik fell in love with Veronika, a girl from a poor family. Hermann refused to accept a minor noblewoman as his daughter-in-law. He accused her of witchcraft and had her drowned. Frederick's rebellion against Hermann ended with Frederick's imprisonment.

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    PDF | On Dec 28, 2018, Lea Kužnik published Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Fourth Edition Mehdi Khosrow-Pour Information Resources Management Association, USA Category ...

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