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    1 day ago · Hermann Billung Duke of Saxony (d. 973) Herman II, Duke of Swabia (d. 1003) Herman III, Duke of Swabia (d. 1012) Herman IV, Duke of Swabia (d. 1038) Herman II (archbishop of Cologne) (d. 1056) Hermann of Reichenau (1013–1064) Herman (bishop), bishop of Ramsbury, Sherborne and Salisbury (d. 1078) Herman of Salm (d. 1088) Herman II, Margrave of ...

  2. Third Crusade - Wikipedia

    20 hours ago · The vanguard of Swabians and Bavarians was put under the command of the Duke of Swabia assisted by Herman IV of Baden and Berthold III of Vohburg. The second division consisted of the Hungarian and Bohemian contingents with their separate standard-bearers. The third was under the command of the Duke of Merania assisted by Bishop Diepold of Passau.

    • 11 May 1189 – 2 September 1192
    • Treaty of Jaffa, Crusader military victory, resulting in a three-year truce., Recognition of the territorial status quo at the end of active campaigning, including continued Muslim control of Jerusalem and the restoration of the Levantine Crusader States., The safety of both Christian and Muslim unarmed pilgrims guaranteed throughout the Levant.
    • Mostly Levant and Anatolia
    • The Crusade captures Cyprus and the Kingdom of Cyprus is established., The Levantine coast from Tyre to Jaffa returned to Crusader control., The Crusaders recapture Tiberias and some inland territories from the Muslims.
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