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    Charles Cawley's Medieval Lands, Hermann II Duke of Swabia was the son of Konrad Von Öhningen and his wife, Richlinda. Herman married Gerberga of Burgundy, the widow of Hermann Graf von Werl and daughter of Conrad I "le Pacifique" King of Burgundy & his second wife Mathilde de France (Carolingian).

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    Discover life events, stories and photos about Hermann II, Duke of Swabia (-1003) of .

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    Herman II (also Hermann) (died 4 May 1003) was a member of the Conradine dynasty. He was duke of Swabia from 997 to his death. Between January and October 1002 Herman II attempted, unsuccessfully, to become king of Germany.

  4. Hermann II, duke of Swabia

    Events . Date of Birth: about 962-965. Place of Birth: unknown. The date is given by Wolf. Date of Death: 2 - 4 May 1003. Place of Death: unknown. Oexle gives 4 May. Wolf gives 2

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    Hermann II (997–1003) - Herman II (died 4 May 1003) was the Conradine Duke of Swabia from 997 to his death, as the son of and successor Conrad I. Herman opposed the election of Henry III, Duke of Bavaria, as King of Germany because he himself had been a contender. Henry separated Alsace from Swabia and took control of the duchy, a situation ...

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    The following is a list of Dukes of Swabia in southwest Germany. Swabia was one of the five stem duchies of the medieval German kingdom, and its dukes were thus among the most powerful magnates of Germany. The most notable family to hold Swabia were the Hohenstaufen, who held it, with a brief interruption, from 1079 until 1268. For much of this period, the Hohenstaufen were also Holy Roman ...


    The Hunfriding were succeeded by the Franconian Konradiner dynasty in 926, when Hermann was appointed duke by Heinrich I King of Germany. Over the succeeding 150 years, no single family established itself as dukes of Swabia for more than three generations.

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    Burchard III, son of Burchard II, ruled from 954 to 973, when he was succeeded by Liudolf's son, Otto, afterwards duke of Bavaria, to 982, and Conrad I, a relative of Duke Hermann I, until 997. Hermann II , possibly a son of Conrad, succeeded, and, dying in 1003, was followed by his son Hermann III .

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    The kingdom of Swabia unites with Germany 882. Duchy of Swabia : 909-911 911-915 915-917 917-926 926-949 950-954 954-973: Burchard von Rätien Direct rule by the king Erchanger Burchard I Hermann I Liudolf Burchard II: 973-982: Otto I : 983-997 997-1003 1003-1012: Konrad I Hermann II Hermann III: House of Babenberg : 1012-1015 1015-1030 1030 ...

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    Richard I, von Swabia (882- ) Berthold, Count Palatine in Swabia (840- ) Conrad ler de Wetterau (918-997) Hermann II, Duke of Swabia (965-1003) Otto II, Duke of Swabia (987- ) Unknown de Swabia (1100- ) Gerold, Bishop of Mainz. b.s/o parents ukn. CHILDREN included: Gerold I, Duke of Swabia b.710 Return to Swabia Index. Gerold I, Duke of Swabia

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