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  1. Hero's fountain is a device that lifts water to a higher height that it's origin in order to move to a lower position. This simple device was invented almos...

    • 9 min
    • 1.4M
    • Bruce Yeany
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  3. Heron's fountain - Wikipedia › wiki › Heron&

    Heron's fountain is a hydraulic machine invented by the 1st century AD inventor, mathematician, and physicist Heron of Alexandria (also known as Hero of Alexandria).. Heron studied the pressure of air and steam, described the first steam engine, and built toys that would spurt water, one of them known as Heron's fountain.

  4. Heron's fountain is a great project for a science fair, as it is simple to make and displays many of the basic principles of physics. This project shows how potential energy can provide power, using water and gravity, and air and compression.

  5. Perpetual motion - RationalWiki › wiki › Perpetual_motion
    • How to Spot A Perpetual Motion Fraud
    • Energy Cycles
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    • Classic Examples
    • Float Belt
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    In short, the way to spot if a perpetual motion machine is fake and won't live up to its claim is simple: it's labeled as a perpetual motion machine. Any claim of perpetual motion is fraudulent on its face due to basic physics. At best, it's someone seeing only an illusion because they haven't tested it properly, or at worst they're engaging in active deceit and tricking people into believing the machine somehow works, sometimes in order to sell it. Despite this, many inventors attempt to rationalize their perpetual motion invention with ad hoc explanations. For example, Joe Newman claims that his energy machine actually consumes the components of its motors by direct matter-to-energy conversion. A popular option for the extremely common magnet powered motors found on PESWikiis that they somehow take their energy by depolarising the magnet. Of course, such energy sources would not be perpetual anyway, and there is also the question of whether they could do a worthwhile amount of wor...

    The laws of conservation of energy basically say that any energy you get from a system is limited by how much energy you put into it. In the case of burning fossil fuels, the energy was put into the fuels (a mixture of hydrocarbons) by sunlight, which was converted via photosynthesis. All we are doing when burning fuels is to take this product that has some energy and releasing it, by reaction with oxygen. Similarly, with hydrogen fuel cells we are splitting water (using electricity which itself must come from somewhere) to form oxygen and hydrogen, and then reacting it to get the electrical energy back at another point in time. The energy in and out of the system balances at all times. The energy from sunlight, used to convert water and carbon dioxide into a fossil fuel is equal to what we get out from burning them completely back to water and carbon dioxide. The energy from a hydrogen fuel cell reaction is the same as the energy put into the electrolysis reaction to split the wate...

    Designs of alleged perpetual motion machines that can actually be built (as opposed to ones that work only on paper) tend to fall into one of two categories. "Over unity" machines have a clear and undisguised energy source, but it is claimed that their output exceeds their input. For many devices this can be shown to be false very easily, but highly efficient devices or ones with a very convincing illusion of motion, very sensitive and observant measurements can be required. However, if the output genuinely exceeds the input, the question arises why their output can't be fed back in, eliminating the need for an outside energy source entirely. Sometimes, though, claims of "over unity" are simply based on blatantly faulty science, such as claiming that a machine that has an input of 5 amps and an output of 10 amps is "over unity". The second type, ambient energy machines, do in fact continuously put out energy, but they do so by drawing on ambient energy sources: for instance, a clock...

    While hooking up a generator to its own motor is a popular modern variant on perpetual motion (which definitely doesn't work because of the horrendous inefficiencies in electricity generation), there are several classic examples made up over time. Even today, people are trotting out only minor variations of these long disproved models.

    The float belt is also a common theme in perpetual motion, where buoyancy is exploited to extract perpetual energy. The balls are buoyant and float upwards, powering the machine. Even assuming the valve can be made watertight to prevent water leaking from the system this would fail as the water also provides resistance to any object trying to force its way into it. This can be measured simply with a device that tests the force required to push or pull an object through water—sensitive ones can calculate surface tension, although this isn't the main resistive force. If it didn't, boats wouldn't require engines to move (and wouldn't even float in the first place, for that matter). This force far exceeds the amount of force gained from buoyancy. Sometimes this is combined with some mechanism to fill the falling vessels with water to make them drop with a greater force, however, the principle remains the same as whatever water comes down must be pushed up againstgravity in the first pla...

    Free energy suppression, a conspiracy theory
    Thermodynamic free energy, a concept in science

    Jump up ↑ You can try this. Put a straw in a drink, and cover the top end of the straw with a finger while lifting the straw out. If you have a good seal on the top of the straw, the liquid will no...

  6. (DOC) Heron's fountain | sundram singh - › 33411986 › Herons_fountain

    The fountain supply container must be higher than the air supply container Heron's Fountain (Creative Commons)18. This third length of tubing needs to run back to the fountain, as in the video -you can try to build a waterwheel, if you want! 19.

  7. Pond Spitter for sale | In Stock | eBay › b › Pond-Spitter

    Water Wheel, Pond and Pump fountain feature spitter feng shui liner garden koi ... 14" Durable Resin Green Heron Bird Decorative Pond Spitter Fun Garden Decor . $54.14.

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