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  1. Hesher (film) - Wikipedia

    T.J. and Paul stand agape and watch Hesher pushing the casket through the road. After a brief hesitation T.J. and Paul run to catch up and take a place on each side with their hands on the casket to help Hesher push and also to join the walk with Grandma. The next day, Paul shaves for the first time in weeks and tells T.J. that Hesher is gone.

    • Brian Charles Frank
    • Spencer Susser, David Michôd
  2. From the movie Hesher (2010), the song towards the end of the film as they are walking grandma's casket through the streets.

  3. Hesher (2010) - IMDb

    Jun 25, 2011 · By happenstance, Hesher, a foul-mouthed squatter, moves in with T.J's family. T.J. also meets Nicole, a grocery clerk near poverty who helps him once. Hesher involves T.J. in crime, the bully is omnipresent, mom's car is slipping away, dad has checked out, T.J. watches Nicole at work, and his grandma invites him to join her morning walk: the odds are long that T.J. can assemble a family to help him thrive.

    • (49.7K)
    • Spencer Susser
    • R
  4. Hesher (2010) - IMDb

    Jun 25, 2011 · Directed by Spencer Susser. With Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Devin Brochu, Natalie Portman, Rainn Wilson. A young boy has lost his mother and is losing touch with his father and the world around him.

    • (50.6K)
    • Spencer Susser
    • R
  5. "Hesher:" Signs of Life in a Home Plagued by Death ...

    Jul 29, 2011 · Finally, the film’s most beautiful emotional moment occurs when Hesher announces that he is going to take Grandma for a walk and pushes Grandma’s coffin out into the streets of L.A. where TJ and...

    • Kim Nicolini
  6. Hesher is a strained and oh so indie comedy-drama that feels far too forced to really work. It subverts the well worn formula of a stranger enriching the lives of a group in need by introducing a disruptive and destructive man into a recently bereaved family.

  7. Hesher: Film Review | Hollywood Reporter

    Oct 14, 2010 · A movie about loss for audiences who would like to firebomb the Hallmark Channel, "Hesher" enters with a metal riff and, even when it's time to, can't quite bring itself to go soft.

  8. Hesher movie review & film summary (2011) | Roger Ebert

    May 11, 2011 · "Hesher" assembles a group of characters who aren't sure why they're in the same movie together. One by one, they have an attraction, but brought together, they're all elbows and angles. The title character (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is hauled into the movie as a classic deus ex machina, as if he's been lowered by rope into the middle of a situation he has no connection with. He's a fearsome heavy ...