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  1. Oct 23, 2017 · A hidden room doesn’t have to be indoors. An outdoor area or breezeway can be combined with a large water feature to create a room hidden behind a waterfall or vine growth. Using natural features to hide a room or doorway creates a sense of wonder and whimsy, turning your yard into a fairyland garden.

    • The hidden connection to the Underground Railroad. This house, located in Litchfield, Connecticut, has hidden rooms that were part of the Underground Railroad, Kris Lippi, a realtor with Get Listed Realty, tells Reader’s Digest.
    • The secret prison cell. When Cristhian Perez, a home inspector in Tampa, Florida, thinks about the hidden room he discovered during one home inspection, he still gets goosebumps.
    • The Prohibition closet. Amber Moore was excited to be living in a historic 1920s home in Dunthorpe, Oregon, even before discovering its secret. One day, when her daughters were playing in a closet in the library, they put their feet on the wall… and it moved!
    • The secret speakeasy. There’s a secret drinking room in the historic Belvedere Hotel in Baltimore, according to Jeff Miller, co-founder of Dependable Homebuyers.
    • Amancay Tapia
    • Secret Attic Room. A couple were rather surprised to discover a secret attic room in their home after they bought the house over the internet without viewing it in person first.
    • Secret Passage. @grummlinds. My house may or may not have a secret passage... and probably a few ghosts. # fypシ. ♬ original sound - Lindsay Grummett. Another homeowner found a "secret passage" hidden behind a door in an 148-year-old house she had recently bought.
    • Tunnel System and Secret Room. A tenant, whose goes by JKay online, shared a series of videos to TikTok after finding spaces dotted around her rented 1950s property.
    • Small Room Beneath Hotel Floor. A small room hidden beneath the floor of a hotel had TikTok users in shock. The hotel guest uses the text-to-speech function to explain how she found the small room.
  2. In ancient Egypt, architects built secret rooms and hidden/false passageways to foil grave robbers. Numerous monarchs and rulers throughout history have made their escapes (or met their ends) all thanks to secret rooms and passageways. Modern presidents and other VIPs are also often protected by panic rooms, should the need arise.

    • Lina D.
    • Create a Bookshelf Door. Tuck a secret home library, extra bedroom, private reading nook, or any other hidden room you’d like behind a bookshelf door. Choose hinged hidden doors that look just like a normal bookcase once installed.
    • Turn a Wardrobe into an Entrance. Take inspiration from the famous wardrobe portal from C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia and build a secret door into the back of a large dresser or armoire.
    • Design a False Wall. Hide a bathroom, home o ffice, secret meditation room, closet, or home gym behind a false wall for a truly unassuming look. First, it’s best to create an accent wall with ornate paneling, wood planks, stonework, or distinctive wallpaper.
    • Put It Behind Some Art. Attaching a framed poster or painting to cover your secret door is an easy way to conceal your hidden room in plain sight. This bold secret door idea can be adjusted to match the aesthetic of several kinds of hidden rooms.
  3. What makes it unique is that inside the main suite is another 250sqft bedroom with another walk-in closet. This appears to have been used as a nursery. We are using it as a private study, and it is completely unexpected when people tour the house. I've been looking at some of the pre-made kits from homedepot, but I'm not particularly handy.

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