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  1. Oct 23, 2017 · A high security hidden room — sometimes called panic rooms—provide a safe and near impenetrable retreat if your family is ever threatened by an intruder. And a high security room seals from the inside and the secretive nature of a hidden door provides an additional level of security.

  2. Looking for an extremely large safe? Get and American made custom modular walk in vault and safe room storm shelter. Customize your safe room to make a walk in vault room for securely storing guns, ammo and other valuables. Call for more information: 800-299-6929

  3. Oct 13, 2022 · A hidden door can be used in place of a hallway to separate a bedroom from a living room in a smaller space; to hide a work room from sight when not in use; or to create a place to get some me time away from family members. Check out the following hidden door ideas to help inspire you into creating a secret space of your own. 01 of 25

  4. Hide your valuables. Safely store high-value items in your own home. Traditional storage solutions for jewelry, guns, and cash aren’t covert enough and attract unwanted attention. Covert Concepts hides these items in secret rooms, concealed cabinets and within functional furniture.

  5. Feb 13, 2023 · The 16 Smartest Places to Hide a Safe in Your Home There's nothing secret or secure about stashing cash under a mattress, and leaving a safe out in the open invites burglars to take the whole...

  6. Make your dream room a “hidden gem” with a secret door. Set your home apart with a Secret Bookcase, Hidden Mirror, or other creative door. Perfect for security or fun. Come learn why a door from the Hidden Door Store is the ultimate addition to your home. SHOP NOW.

  7. Safe Rooms designed for protection. Imagine a Room with a High-security door, walls, and ceiling that are made out of Steel or Ballistic Wall Armor. A room just like the other rooms in your house with lights, Radio, Heat, Air Conditioning, TV, built-in security system, etc., except, that this one will be hidden somewhere inside your home.

  8. Aug 16, 2018 · For home-owners who want to have their safe room below ground, false floors are a great option. They offer many of the same advantages as hidden doors. False floors can hide a staircase that serves as a buffer layer of security before reaching the actual safe room.

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    Conceal a seldom-used room, create a hidden safe room, or turn a door into a functional storage/display area with an InvisiDoor bookcase. Our InvisiDoor hidden bookcase door kits come unfinished, ready-to-assemble, and comes with our unique pivot hinge.

  10. Hidden doors have been used for centuries, serving as private passageways otherwise unknown to the wider household and prying eyes. These secret entryways were capable of guarding riches, as well as simply providing a bit of security for the room’s occupant, and continue to promise the same today.

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