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  1. Hiroshi Nohara works at a company called Futaba Corporation (ふたば会社, Futaba Kaisha), located in Kasumigaseki, Tokyo (In the movie from Adventure in Henderland, it is located in Nihonbashi, Chuo, Tokyo). They sell computers.

  2. Lyricist: Yuji Muto / Composer/Arranger: Yasunari Nakamura / Singer: Shinnosuke Nohara (Akiko Yajima) Theme Song: "GO WAY!!" Lyricist/Singer: Kumi Koda / Composer/Arranger: Hiroshi Komatsu; 15 Crayon Shin-chan: Fierceness That Invites Storm! The Singing Buttocks Bomb クレヨンしんちゃん 嵐を呼ぶ 歌うケツだけ爆弾!

  3. A high tech company which specialises in making robots for construction turns Hiroshi nohara in a robot who then along with shinosuke fights to reclaim his original body fighting other robots. Director: Wataru Takahashi | Stars: Keiji Fujiwara, Satomi Kôrogi, Miki Narahashi, Akiko Yajima. Votes: 289

  4. This article is about the original series. "Kamen Rider (1971)", "Kamen Rider (TOS)" and "Kamen Rider (original series)" redirect here. For other uses, see Kamen Rider (disambiguation). For the series' main character, Kamen Rider 1, see Takeshi Hongo. Kamen Rider (仮面ライダー, Kamen Raidā, "Masked Rider"), is a Japanese tokusatsu drama and the very first installment in what would be ...

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