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    Amsterdam is the capital and largest city of the Netherlands, located in the province of North Holland in the west of the country. The city, which had a population (including suburbs) of 1.36 million on 1 January 2008, comprises the northern part of the Randstad, the sixth-largest metropolitan area in Europe, with a population of around 6.7 million.

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  3. The French franc of 4.5 g silver arrived in Belgium following its occupation during the Napoleonic Wars.Its equivalence of 1 franc = 0.4725 gulden (or 9.52 g silver per exchange gulden, with the gulden currency abolished) doomed the rollout of the higher-valued Dutch guilder, since 20 francs can purchase 9.45 silver guilders which can be melted down to recover 90.84 g fine silver worth 20.19 ...

  4. The forint replaced the pengő at the rate of 1 forint = 4 × 10 29 pengő—dropping 29 zeroes from the old currency. In fact, this was an imaginary exchange rate. With the highest value note being 100 million B. pengő (10 20 pengő), the total amount of pengő in circulation had a value of less than 1 ⁄ 1000 of a forint.

  5. Historical rate tables. Build historic rate tables with your chosen base currency with XE Currency Tables. For commercial purposes, get an automated currency feed through the XE Currency Data API.

  6. Oct 24, 2018 · Dollars are widely accepted, but you can also take advantage of the favorable exchange rate of the Netherlands guilder: currently 0.56 USD to one (see for up to date conversion rates ...

  7. Sep 22, 2022 · sept 22/gold up $5.20 to $1672.95//silver is up 10 cents to $1960//platinum is down $11.00 to $907.40//palladium is up $47.90 to $2171.65//japan’s central bank intervenes to stop the bleeding from a falling yen//for the past two days there have been zero sales on the 10 yr japanese bond//france nationalizes a struggling nuclear utility//switzerland and the bank of england raise rates by 75 ...

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