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  1. California Historical Topographic Maps - CSU, Chico

    The California Historical Topographical Maps Colllection encompasses topographic quadrangles from the Meriam Library collection dated from 1888 to 1955. Maps in the digital collection are currently indexed by quadrangle name, county, and date.

  2. Desert Fever: An Overview of Mining History of the California ...

    Desert Fever: An Overview of Mining History of the California Desert Conservation Area 8 photographs from the California Division of Mines and Geology Library, we wish to thank Angela Brunton, the Librarian. Mr. Chris Brewer, of the Kern County Historical Society, and Mr. Glen Settle, of

  3. Valley Fever Maps | Fungal Diseases | CDC

    This map shows the approximate areas in the United States and Mexico where we know or suspect the fungus that causes Valley fever lives. These are considered endemic areas for Coccidioides, the fungus that causes Valley fever. 1–6 Much of what is known about where the fungus lives in the southwestern United States is based on skin testing studies performed in the late 1940s and early 1950s ...

  4. California Historical Maps and Atlases - Historic Map Works

    California Historical Maps and Atlases. The state of California collection contains 576 atlases spanning 414 years of growth and development (1579-84 through 1993).Within the atlases are 9,709 historical maps, illustrations, and histories many of which contain family names ideal for genealogical research.

  5. Historical Maps of California - World Maps Online

    Historical Maps of California. Historical Maps > US States > California Historic Maps. Auburn - 1887 Azusa - 1887 Bakersfield - 1901 Berkeley - 1909:

  6. California’s Historic Highway 49

    A road trip on historic Highway 49 doesn’t simply take you from point A to point B—it also transports you to the past. Begin in Old Town Auburn with a stop at cozy Auburn Coffee Company for a chai latte or kombucha poured straight from the tap.

  7. Epidemiology and Prevention of Tick-Borne Diseases in California Document...

    • Introduction to tick-borne diseases in California • Tick species and biology in California • Epidemiology in California of: – More common • Lyme disease • Spotted fever group Rickettsia - including Rocky Mountain spotted fever (Rickettsia rickettsii) • Tick-borne relapsing fever – Less common • Anaplasmosis • Babesiosis ...

  8. Old Historical Atlas Maps of California. This Historical California Map Collection are from original copies. Most historical maps of California were published in atlases and spans over 150 years of growth for the state. Some California maps years have cities, railroads, P.O. locations, township outlines, and other features useful to the ...

  9. Rocky Mountain spotted fever (RMSF) has been a nationally notifiable condition since the 1920s. As of January 1, 2010, cases of RMSF are reported under a new category called Spotted Fever Rickettsiosis (SFR). This category captures cases of RMSF, Rickettsia parkeri rickettsiosis, Pacific Coast tick fever, and rickettsialpox.

  10. Rocky Mountain spotted fever - Wikipedia

    Rocky Mountain spotted fever is a big part of the 1947 Republic Pictures movie "Driftwood", starring Walter Brennan, James Bell, Dean Jagger, Natalie Wood, and Hobart Cavanaugh. In December 2013, hockey player Shane Doan was diagnosed with Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and returned to play in January 2014. Other names