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  1. This Historical California Map Collection are from original copies. Most historical maps of California were published in atlases and spans over 150 years of growth for the state. Some California maps years have cities, railroads, P.O. locations, township outlines, and other features useful to the California researcher.

  2. California Historical Maps and Atlases - Historic Map Works

    California Historical Maps and Atlases. The state of California collection contains 576 atlases spanning 414 years of growth and development (1579-84 through 1993).Within the atlases are 9,709 historical maps, illustrations, and histories many of which contain family names ideal for genealogical research.

  3. Old maps of California

    Discover the past of California on historical maps. Old maps of California on Old Maps Online. Old maps of California ... Climatic map of California. 1 : ...


    Using existing map coverages and the project expectations, a timeframe for each map set was determined and each frame became a snapshot of the best information available for a particular period of time. The map set consists of two bookends -- a pre 1900 historic coverage map and a modern coverage map -- and two mid-20th century maps, 1945 and 1960.

  5. Geography of California - Wikipedia

    California is a U.S. state on the western coast of North America.Covering an area of 163,696 sq mi (423,970 km 2), California is geographically diverse.The Sierra Nevada, the fertile farmlands of the Central Valley, and the arid Mojave Desert of the south are some of the major geographic features of this U.S. state.

  6. Historical - Maps - California - Research Guides at Humboldt ...

    Historic Map Index (Broer Map Library) Indexes over 2000 digital historical maps on California available from 100 major map collections. Historical Maps of California (University of Alabama) Contains approximately 100 images of California historial maps selected from the University of Alabama Map Library and other sources.

  7. California mountains | peakery

    The Sierra Nevadas are the most famous California mountain range, stretching over 400 miles from north to south. In it lies the highest mountain in the lower 48 US States, Mount Whitney at 14,505 ft / 4,421 m. California contains many mountainous National Parks, the most well-known being Yosemite National Park.

  8. Road Map of the State of California, 1955. - David Rumsey ...

    David Rumsey Historical Map Collection EXPLORE. Browse All; Media Groups; Presentations; External Media Search ... Road Map of the State of California, 1955. Related .

  9. Valley Fever prevention and information

    Identify a health care provider for occupational injuries and illnesses who is knowledgeable about the diagnosis and treatment of Valley Fever; Train workers and supervisors about the risk of Valley Fever, the work activities that may increase the risk, and the measures used onsite to reduce exposure.

  10. Historical Maps of California - Alabama Maps

    Map of the Vicinity of Montery Bay Publication Info: Washington: U.S. Coast Survey, 1855; No. 59 to accompany a report on the physical geography and geology of the coast by W.P. Blake