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    Smaller earthquakes with epicenters in adjoining states have also been felt in Pennsylvania. The Earthquake Catalog and Epicenter Map of Pennsylvania, p ublished by the Pennsylvania Geological Survey, contains detailed information on historic seismic events from 1724 to July 31, 2003.

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    Pages in category "Mountain ranges of Pennsylvania" The following 11 pages are in this category, out of 11 total. This list may not reflect recent changes ().

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    Pennsylvania History This beautiful ancestral homeland of the Delaware, Iroquois, Shawanee and Susquehannock Indians changed irrevocably in the early 17th century. Though originally claimed by the British as a part of the Virginia colony, the Dutch and Swedes established small trading posts along the Delaware River, and both clashed for control.

  4. The number of Pennsylvania maps grew in the 18th century, although until late in the century most were published in Europe. Benjamin Franklin during his printing career turned out Lewis Evan's maps, but the American map industry only began to flourish after the Revolutionary War and was centered in Philadelphia and Boston.

  5. USGS maps for the state of Pennsylvania are available here. Click to go to the collection page for USGS DRG maps of all 50 states.

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    (1) Alpine Mountain (2) Bear Creek Ski & Recreation Area (3) Blue Knob Ski Resort (4) Blue Mountain Ski Area (5) Boyce Park (6) Camelback Ski Resort (7) Eagle Rock (8) Elk Mountain (9) Hidden Valley (10) Jack Frost Big Boulder (11) Laurel Mountain Ski Resort (12) Liberty Mountain Resort (13) Montage Mountain (14) Mount Pleasant (15) Mystic ...

  8. Historic Aerials: Viewer

    Like the aerials and topos selectors, the atlases will let you view additional historical representations of the viewing area. We have geo-referenced digitized versions of historic maps and property boundary documents. This is also where you can select the map layer if you so desire.

  9. The collections of Historical Society of Pennsylvania range from genealogical and family papers to business and organizational records to collections of items such as photographs, postcards, sheet music, menus, and trade cards. HSP's library contains a wealth of published material, including books, pamphlets, serials, and newspapers.

  10. Debunking the Pennsylvania Game Commission

    The animal could not be a wild mountain lion, because "there are no wild mountain lions in Pennsylvania." This was the approach of the PGC until a farmer named Roger saw a mountain lion, along with several other people on his remote farm, during a large outdoor party -- a party which included a big roast pig barbeque, near the edge of a forest.