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  1. WHO | Yellow fever: maps and graphics

    Selection of maps illustrating the spread of yellow fever, endemic areas, vaccination recommendations, timelines, etc.

  2. WHO | Mapping the distribution of human African trypanosomiasis

    Click on the country and time period of your interest, or on the affected areas to get zoomed maps. Click on Trend to get a line graph with the number of cases since 2000 ...

  3. Transport Fever-big mountain - YouTube

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  4. In the United States, 13,599 cases of spotted fever rickettsiosis were reported from 2008 to 2012.31 Rocky Mountain spotted fever has the highest fatality rate of rickettsial infections (4% with ...

  5. Yellow Fever | Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia

    Yellow Fever broke out in epidemic proportion in 1793, 1797, 1798, and 1799. The most severe, and one of the most deadly in American history, occurred in 1793, when an estimated 5,000 inhabitants died. This map records the intensity of the fever, with darker colored lines marking the streets with highest mortality.

  6. Winter in the Pocono Mountains | Skiing & Sleigh Rides

    Winter in the Pocono Mountains will never leave you bored. Visit Skirmish Paintball, the world's premier paintball facility, and experience a game that will have your adrenaline at an all time high!…

  7. Global Incident Map Displaying Outbreaks Of All Varieties Of Diseases ... MALAYSIA - Over 150 People Died From Dengue Fever In Malaysia In 2019 - Reports:

  8. List of Maps - 2020 Yellow Book | Travelers' Health | CDC

    Map 10-01. East Africa destination map; Map 10-02. Hajj destination map; Map 10-03. South Africa destination map; Map 10-04. Kilimanjaro destination map; Map 10-05. Brazil destination map; Map 10-06. Cuba destination map; Map 10-07. Dominican Republic destination map; Map 10-08. Haiti destination map; Map 10-09. Mexico destination map; Map 10 ...

  9. The 10 Most Badass Mountain Men of All Time

    Wikipedia Online source: Library of Western Fur Trade Historical Source DocumentsDiaries, Narratives, and Letters of the Mountain Men] and James Pierson Beckwourth biography. A black man born into slavery, Beckwourth was freed by his master, who was also his father. He was a blacksmith apprentice before moving to the West to become a trapper.

  10. African swine fever: OIE - World Organisation for Animal Health

    Although signs of ASF and classical swine fever (CSF) may be similar, the ASF virus is unrelated to the CSF virus. ASF is a disease listed in the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) Terrestrial Animal Health Code and must be reported to the OIE. Transmission and spread