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  1. WHO | The history of Zika virus - World Health Organization

    The Zika digital timeline illustrates the history of the disease with interactive videos, infographics, GIFs, maps, disease outbreak news, documents, studies and fact sheets. Zika: The origin and spread of a mosquito-borne virus The following article summarizes the spread of Zika infection from the earliest discovery in 1947 to 7 February 2016.

  2. Colorado tick fever - Wikipedia

    Colorado tick fever (CTF) is a viral infection transmitted from the bite of an infected Rocky Mountain wood tick (Dermacentor andersoni). It should not be confused with the bacterial tick-borne infection, Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Colorado tick fever is probably the same disease that American pioneers referred to as "mountain fever".

  3. A History of Significant Weather Events in Southern California

    A History of Significant Weather Events in Southern California Organized by Weather Type Updated May 2017 The following weather events occurred in or near the forecast area of the National Weather Service in San Diego, which includes Orange and San Diego Counties, southwestern San Bernardino County, and western Riverside County.

  4. The Global Rise of Dengue Infections — Outbreak Observatory

    Mar 21, 2019 · Several major dengue fever epidemics have been reported in 2019, including in Latin America and Southeast Asia. The Aedes mosquitoes that are largely responsible for transmitting the infection are highly resilient and adaptable, but there are protective measures that can limit exposure and reduce

  5. Yellow Fever Tour | The Constitutional Walking Tour of ...

    Experience Our New Yellow Fever Tour! Inspired in part by the real-life Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1793 and the historical fictional account in the book "Fever 1793" by Laurie Halse Anderson, The Constitutional's new Yellow Fever Tour is a walking journey through Old City Philadelphia featuring the stories, sites and circumstances of the evil epidemic which killed nearly 5,000 people.

  6. The PCL Map Collection includes more than 250,000 maps, yet less than 20% of the collection is currently online. A $5, $15, or $25 contribution will help us fund the cost of acquiring and digitizing more maps for free online access.

  7. Largest Early World Map - Monte's 10 ft. Planisphere of 1587. An extraordinary 60 sheet manuscript world map made in 1587 by Urbano Monte has been added to the David Rumsey Map Collection at Stanford University. At 10 foot square, this map or planisphere is the largest known early map of the world.

  8. How 5 of History’s Worst Pandemics Finally Ended - HISTORY

    Aug 17, 2020 · The plague never really went away, and when it returned 800 years later, it killed with reckless abandon. The Black Death, which hit Europe in 1347, claimed an astonishing 200 million lives in ...

  9. World Heritage sites belong to all the peoples of the world, irrespective of the territory on which they are located. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) seeks to encourage the identification, protection and preservation of cultural and natural heritage around the world considered to be of outstanding ...

  10. United States Map - World Atlas

    Physical Map of the US Print Map. The United States (US) covers a total area of 9,833,520 sq. km. Of this area, the 48 contiguous states and the District of Columbia cover 8,080,470 sq. km. The archipelago of Hawaii has an area of 28,311 sq. km while the remaining area is part of the US territories.