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  1. Official Listing of Countries by Region of the World

    Jul 11, 2019 · There are 27 countries in Asia and it is the world's largest and most populous region, with about 60 percent of the world's population living there. The region boasts five of the 10 most populous countries in the world, with India and China taking the top two spots.

  2. Mountain - Major mountain belts of the world | Britannica

    Mountain - Mountain - Major mountain belts of the world: Most mountains and mountain ranges are parts of mountain belts that have formed where two lithospheric plates have converged and where, in most cases, they continue to converge. In effect, many mountain belts mark the boundaries of lithospheric plates, and these boundaries in turn intersect other such boundaries. Consequently, there ...

  3. WHO | Zika situation report - World Health Organization

    Mar 10, 2017 · This category takes into account those countries with known historical laboratory evidence of ZIKV circulation prior to 2015, based on the literature as well as all ZIKV surveillance data whether detected and reported by the country where infection occurred or by another country reporting a confirmed case in a returning traveller.

  4. Yellow fever - Wikipedia

    Yellow fever is caused by yellow fever virus, an enveloped RNA virus 40–50 nm in width, the type species and namesake of the family Flaviviridae. It was the first illness shown to be transmissible by filtered human serum and transmitted by mosquitoes, by Walter Reed around 1900.

  5. International tourism, number of arrivals | Data - World Bank

    International tourism, number of arrivals from The World Bank: Data

  6. Rocky Mountain spotted fever - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic

    Rocky Mountain spotted fever damages the lining of your smallest blood vessels, causing the vessels to leak or form clots. This may cause: Inflammation of the brain (encephalitis). In addition to severe headaches, Rocky Mountain spotted fever can cause inflammation of the brain, which can cause confusion, seizures and delirium.

  7. Animal health in the World: OIE - World Organisation for ...

    Animal Health in the World - Overview One of OIE’s missions is to ensure transparency in and enhance knowledge of the worldwide animal health situation. Among the formal obligations of OIE Member Countries is the submission of information on the relevant animal disease situation – including on zoonoses present on their territory - in the ...

  8. Lyme In 80+ Countries Worldwide - Lyme Disease Association

    The Subantarctic is a region in the southern hemisphere just north of the Antarctic Circle which contains the Campbell Islands and î les Crozet. According to the “Encyclopedia of the Antarctic Vol.1” (ed: B. Riffenburg, 2007 p.335), “The zoonosis Lyme disease is caused by the spirochaete Borrelia burgdorferi, which is carried by sea birds transmitted by Ixodes ticks.

  9. Countries of the World Quiz - World's Best Quizzes

    Jun 18, 2020 · Countries of the World Quiz. ... I am looking forward to it as I want a country map so I can memorise countries and capitals! jemoom +1. Level 21. May 3, 2020.

  10. AUSTRALIA - Victoria Records 35 COVID-19 Cases As States Stage Four Restrictions Eased: SINGAPORE - Singapore Reports 48 New COVID-19 Cases: WISCONSIN - Dane County Coronavirus Spread Not Slowing - 253 New Cases Confirmed Today