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  1. 37 Pictures of Montana That Will Make You Wish You Lived ...

    Apr 29, 2015 · Love Montana. It is home to me. Lived there for about 14 years in Bozeman. Love hunting, the outdoors, and the awesome summers. Winters can get long and by April we all have cabin fever and are complaining, even though there can be another month or 2 of snow. I would love to live there again someday. I am in Arizona now and hate the summers.

  2. Typhoid Fever History -

    Aug 23, 2018 · Typhoid fever has infected many people and was responsible for many deaths over the course of history, which continues to a lesser extent today.

  3. Typhoid fever - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic

    Typhoid fever remains a serious worldwide threat — especially in the developing world — affecting an estimated 26 million or more people each year. The disease is established (endemic) in India, Southeast Asia, Africa, South America and many other areas.

  4. History of Lyme Disease | Bay Area Lyme Foundation

    In 1981, a scientist who was studying Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (also caused by a tick bite) began to study Lyme disease. This scientist, Willy Burgdorfer, found the connection between the deer tick and the disease. He discovered that a bacterium called a spirochete, carried by ticks, was causing Lyme.

  5. Glossary of Old Medical Terms - Thornber

    Winter Fever: see pneumonia. Wool sorters' disease: anthrax, a disease formerly found in farm animals that could be transmitted to man. Now rare in developed countries but common in central Asia. Worm fever: may have been used to indicate a fever or enteritis during which worms were passed in the faeces. It is given as a cause of death of ...

  6. 24 Rare and Mind-Blowing Historical Photos - YouTube

    Jan 09, 2018 · 24 Rare and Mind-Blowing Historical Photos Welcome to the WorldOfPics We have lots of classic and historic Photos and Pictures form the past. If you love History or just want to see into the past ...

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  7. Alabama Photographs and Pictures Collection

    The Alabama Photographs and Pictures Collection includes over 20,000 images covering a a wide range of topics, places, and individuals from throughout the state's history. Explore the collection using either the search box above or the suggested topics below.

  8. Great Smoky Mountains NP: Walker Sisters Home — Historic ...

    In this respect, the six spinstered Walker Sisters were not characteristic of mountain women, for most of them married early in life. The youngest boy, Giles Daniel, left home after 1910, and wandered over the country to Idaho. He was drafted during World War I, and fought in numerous engagements, including the Argonne Forest. After his ...

  9. The Disease That Helped Put Colorado on the Map - HISTORY

    Apr 24, 2020 · The influx of TB patients that streamed into Colorado helped put the state on the map. At its heyday as a consumption sanctuary, an estimated one in three Colorado residents suffered from ...

  10. SML History | Smith Mountain Lake Chamber of Commerce

    Below are the known historical dates in the Lake's history. 1670. John Lederer, a German physician, is the earliest recorded white settler to enter the area, near present-day Altavista. 1671. Abraham Woods would lead a party of settlers through the Smith Mountain Gap. 1730s. Modification of Virginia's Land Laws causes an influx of settlers to ...