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  1. Let's play Transport Fever. We will be playing a free game on a custom map created by me. It features real-world terrain data from Mt. Rainier national park in Washington State. Map Download Link ...

  2. Historic pictures of Gwinnett County | Slideshows ...

    Cars are parked in front of the Gwinnett County Historic Courthouse which had its clock tower, and a coat of white paint, by the time this 1951 photo was taken.

  3. Epidemic typhus - Wikipedia

    Epidemic typhus is a form of typhus so named because the disease often causes epidemics following wars and natural disasters. The causative organism is Rickettsia prowazekii, transmitted by the human body louse (Pediculus humanus corporis).

  4. Whitestown unveils historical markers in honor of Albert S ...

    But today, with crowds gathering to take photos on their cellphone of a historical marker with a short biography of Albert S. White, Austin and the Minteners say White was a known abolitionist. "He didn't just talk about it.

  5. History | NC State Parks

    Located on more than 14,100 acres in Wilkes and Alleghany counties, Stone Mountain State Park offers cascading waterfalls and cool mountain streams, quiet forests abundant with wildlife, scenic hiking trails and a historic mountain homestead. One of the park's most spectacular features is Stone Mountain, a 600-foot granite dome.

  6. Newhall Pass - Wikipedia

    Newhall Pass links the San Fernando Valley to the Santa Clarita Valley and is a main entry to the Greater Los Angeles area. The pass is known for the massive Newhall Pass interchange and the historic San Fernando Tunnel. Weather conditions in the pass can vary from triple-digit heat in the summer to rare below zero temperatures in winter.

  7. Heart Mountain Relocation Center - Wikipedia

    The remaining 50 acres (20.2 ha) were purchased by the Heart Mountain Wyoming Foundation, a nonprofit organization established in 1996 to memorialize the center's internees and to interpret the site's historical significance. The Foundation runs the Heart Mountain Interpretive Center, opened in 2011, located at 1539 Road 19, Powell.

  8. Santa Ana winds - Wikipedia

    The winds also ripped through Mammoth Mountain and parts of Utah. Mammoth Mountain experienced a near-record wind gust of 175 mph (282 km/h), on December 1, 2011. In May 2014, the Santa Ana winds initiated the May 2014 San Diego County wildfires, approximately four months after the Colby Fire in northern Los Angeles County.

  9. Mountaineering - Wikipedia

    This style is most suited for medium-sized mountain areas close to civilization with elevations of 2,000–5,000 m (6,600–16,400 ft), such as the Alps or the Rocky Mountains. Alpine style ascents have been done throughout history on extreme altitude (above 5,000 m) peaks also, albeit in lower volume to expedition style ascents.

  10. Gates of the Mountains (Helena) - 2019 All You Need to Know ...

    There is a seasonal tour boat service that takes you down the river that Lewis And Clark traveled. You should see some wildlife and beautiful scenery.