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  1. Exploring Acadia: My New Favourite National Park | Never ...

    Dec 09, 2017 · But this post isn’t about my failings as a traveller. (It’s clearly about my failings as a travel writer to create a coherent blog post.) No — it’s about how Acadia National Park is my new favourite national park, and how it was one of the highlights of my 2017 travels.

  2. Crisis-O-Rama - Kunstler

    Clusterfuck Nation For your reading pleasure Mondays and Fridays Support this blog by visiting Jim’s Patreon Page All of a sudden, events are looking a bit fluxy out there, as though the world is shuddering through some spooky ch-ch-ch-changes, like a monster waiting to be born, with strange convergences of ecology, politics and economy, and there’s more »

  3. The Russian Menace to Europem and the Crimean War - by Marx ...

    Before the discovery of the direct route to India, Constantinople was the mart of an extensive commerce; and even now, though the products of India find their way into Europe by the overland route through Persia, Teheran and Turkey, yet the Turkish ports carry a very important and rapidly increasing traffic both with Europe and the interior of ...

  4. United States War Department (United States. War Department ...

    United States. War Department: Anzio Beachhead (22 January-25 May 1944) (illustrated HTML at Ibiblio) United States. War Department: Army Foot Measuring and Shoe Fitting System, Prefaced by a Discussion of the Theory and Importance of Correct Shoe-Fit for Enlisted Men: A Manual for Commissioned Officers (1918) (PDF at United States.

  5. The Campaigns of Alexander by Arrian - Goodreads

    -- Arrian, The Campaigns of Alexander, Book Five Arrian's 'Anabasis' also known as 'The Campaigns of Alexander' is an intellectual descendent of Herodotus, Xenophon and Thucydides. It is made up of seven books that detail Alexander's campaigns after he is made "Of course, one must not examine ancient tales about the divine too minutely.

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  6. Kerala - Wikitravel

    Kerala, a state in Southern India is known as a tropical paradise of waving palms and wide sandy beaches. It is a narrow strip of coastal territory that slopes down the Western Ghats in a cascade of lush green vegetation, and reaches to the Arabian sea.

  7. Notable Books of 1998 - The New York Times

    Dec 06, 1998 · Chaos -- perhaps intended to stand for the larger chaos of India itself -- is the prevailing mode in this lively, imaginative novel about a cracked youth who becomes an object of worship in his ...

  8. Josephine Carson in 1957. Josephine Carson was thirty-eight when she published Drives My Green Age.Born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, she’d seen her family’s fortune lost in the Wall Street crash, seen her parents lose themselves in alcoholism, lived in New York and L.A., and held a dozen different jobs when her mother came to her and said, “I know you’ve been trying to write.

  9. Film | Chicago Reader

    A reminiscence from film noir icon Robert Ryan, newly unearthed by his daughter, sheds light on his Chicago childhood—and his family's connection to a tragic chapter in the city's history.

  10. Tanzania - Wikitravel

    Tanzania is a country with great national parks, where you can see some of the finest African flora and fauna. Tanzania is home to several national parks and game reserves. Safaris in Tanzania can be put into two categories, the Northern Circuit (Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Manyara and Tarangire) and the Southern Circuit (Selous, Mikumi and Ruaha).