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    Colorado Tick Fever (CTF) is a tick-borne virus of the genus Coltivirus. CTF is also known as Mountain tick fever, American tick fever, and American Mountain tick fever and was first isolated in human blood in 1944. The virus is most prevalent in March through September, with June seeming to be the month of highest risk for infection.

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    Administered by the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation, an agency of the Commonwealth of Virginia that is accredited by the American Alliance of Museums. Donations to the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) qualified charity under the United States Internal Revenue Code, fund engaging programs at both museums.

  3. West Virginia - Wikitravel

    Jun 28, 2020 · West Virginia is a state in the Southern Region of the United States of America.It's often called the "Mountain State", being the only state in the USA to lie completely within a mountain range (in this case, the Appalachians).

  4. West Virginia health system again enacts no-visitor policy ...

    Oct 12, 2020 · HUNTINGTON — As the nation dives into flu season amid the pandemic, health officials say it’s more important than ever to take advantage of free COVID-19 testing. Don’t wait until you experience shortness of breath or a high fever before getting tested for COVID-19, cautions West Virginia State Health Officer Dr. Ayne Amjad.

  5. The 17 Coziest American Mountain Towns | Undiscovered America

    The nature trails around the pond offer a great escape when you feel yourself getting cabin fever. If there’s snow on the ground, gear up for a snowmobiling or cross-country skiing outing and relish the winter wonderland. Where to eat: Pull up a stool at the copper top bar at the Beal House Inn. This charming tavern invites you in to get ...

  6. Early American Roads and Trails

    Map Sketch and Route The Fall Line Road ran parallel to and between the King's Highway and the Upper Road. The road broke off from the King's Highway at the town of Fredericksburg, Virginia. By 1735, it carried traffic into the interior of Virginia and the Carolina and across into Georgia.

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    The deer of Virginia can run faster than their predators and have been recorded at speeds of 47 mi (76 km) per hour; this ranks them amongst the fastest of all cervids, alongside the Eurasian roe deer. They can also jump 9 ft (2.7 m) high and up to 30 ft (9.1 m) forward.

  8. Rail History

    Map of the Virginia Central R.R. and its proposed connections. The Chesapeake and Ohio. In 1868 the Virginia Central merged with the Covington and Ohio to form the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad. In 1878 the company reorganized to become the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway. After the James River line opened in the 1890’s, traffic through ...

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    In addition, in contrast to Virginia's historical futility against Clemson prior to the 1990 game, as of 2013 UVA has beaten Clemson eight times (and tied once) since that 1990 win, although since 2004 the schools no longer play every year due to the Atlantic Coast Conference's expansion. November 3, 1990: #16 Georgia Tech 41, #1 Virginia 38

  10. Past RITA Winners

    Historical Romance: Long: A Wicked Kind of Husband by Mia Vincy Historical Romance: Short: A Duke in the Night by Kelly Bowen Mainstream Fiction with a Central Romance: How to Keep a Secret by Sarah Morgan Paranormal Romance: Dearest Ivie by J. R. Ward Romance Novella: Bad Blood by M. Malone