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  1. The history of film chronicles the development of a visual art form created using film technologies that began in the late 19th century.. Although the advent of film as an artistic medium is not clearly defined, the commercial, public screening of ten of the Lumière brothers' short films in Paris on 28 December 1895 can be regarded as the breakthrough of projected cinematographic motion pictures.

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    Hindi cinema, popularly known as Bollywood and formerly as Bombay cinema, refers to the film industry based in Mumbai, engaged in production of motion pictures in Hindi language. The popular term Bollywood, is a portmanteau of "Bombay" (former name of Mumbai) and " Hollywood ".

  3. Cinema of Africa is both the history and present of the making or screening of films on the African continent, and also refers to the persons involved in this form of audiovisual culture. It dates back to the early 20th century, when film reels were the primary cinematic technology in use.

  4. The BBC Studios Natural History Unit (NHU) is a department of BBC Studios that produces television, radio and online content with a natural history or wildlife theme. It is best known for its highly regarded nature documentaries, including The Blue Planet and Planet Earth, and has a long association with David Attenborough's authored documentaries, starting with 1979's Life on Earth.

  5. Films which received the 12 classification for cinema and 15 classification for video include Uncle Buck, which later passed with 12 for video on re-submission, and Nuns on the Run, which currently remains 15, with re-submission. All of the symbols were also graphically edited with lighter text in 1999 from the bolder text used since 1985 ...

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    Sky Cinema is a British subscription film service owned by Sky Group (a division of Comcast).In the United Kingdom, Sky Cinema channels currently broadcast on the Sky satellite and Virgin Media cable platforms, and in addition Sky Cinema on demand content are available through these as well as via Now TV, BT TV and TalkTalk TV.

  7. ISCO Precision Optics is a manufacturer of theatrical cinema projection lenses. Panamorph is a manufacturer of hybrid cylindrical / prism based projection lenses specialized for the consumer home theater industry. Schneider Kreuznach, (also called Century Optics) are makers of anamorphic projection lenses. The company also manufactures add-on ...

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