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  1. Croatia, as a polity, first appeared as a duchy in the 7th century, the Duchy of Croatia. With the nearby Principality of Lower Pannonia, [1] it was united and elevated into the Kingdom of Croatia which lasted from 925 until 1102. From the 12th century, the Kingdom of Croatia entered a personal union with the Kingdom of Hungary.

  2. In the 9th century an independent Croatian state developed with its centre in northern Dalmatia, later incorporating Croatia proper and Slavonia as well. This state grew into a powerful military force under King Tomislav (reigned c. 910–928).

    • Settling of The Illyrian Tribes
    • Roman Rule in Croatia
    • Arrival of The Croats
    • Venetian Empire and The Republic of Ragusa
    • History of Croatia in The 20th Century
    • Croatia Today

    If we fast-forward a little to around 1000 BC, Illyrian tribes settled in areas to which they gave their name. These include the Histri (in Istria) and the Delmati (in Dalmatia) on the mainland and on some of the inlands. The Greeks then conquered parts of present-day Croatia in the 4th century BC, although not to the extent one might imagine, give...

    The Romans followed the Greeks, and ruled areas of Croatia in a much more emphatic fashion. Parts of what is today Croatia, especially the areas along the coast and Dalmatia in particular, became part of the Roman Empire around 9 AD. The major Roman settlements included Pola (Pula), Jader (Zadar), Salona (Solin, which is near Split) and Epidaurum (...

    Around the early part of the 7th century AD, Croatian tribes arrived from present day Poland. They settled across various parts of the area that is present-day Croatia in both the northern and southern regions. The Croats accepted Christianity around 800 AD, and soon established their own state ruled by princes or dukes. The first prominent ruler i...

    Along the coast, a different history was progressing. Of probably the greatest importance, Dubrovnikwas established in the 7th century. It then became part of the Byzantine Empire until 1205, after which it was taken over by Venice. In 1358, Dubrovnik gained independence. The Republic of Ragusa, as it was known, prospered for a number of centuries ...

    In 1918, following the end of World War I, the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes was formed. This first version of the country (which lasted from 1918 until 1941) was ruled by the Serbian royal family, Karadjordjevic; this naturally favoured the Serbs and caused enormous resentment in Croatia. Furthermore, parts of coastline (including Istria, ...

    Croatia celebrated twenty five years of independence in 2016 and, in that time, it has undergone many transitions – not least coping with the effects of the war in the early 1990s. It is a beautiful country and certainly well worth visiting for its scenery, culture, sights, beautiful coastline and more. We’ve given you just a brief history of Croat...

    • Bringing it way back. Croatia was settled in the 7th century by the Croats. The Croats were a Slavic tribe, originating from areas in and around present-day Poland and western Ukraine.
    • Victory! The Kingdom of Croatia or the Croatian Kingdom was born in 925 after the Croats defeated Byzantine and Frankish invaders and established their own independent kingdom.
    • Peace and war. The Kingdom existed as a sovereign state for nearly two centuries. It reached its peak in the 11th century. This time was characterized by various conflicts, but also periods of peace and alliance with the Bulgarians, Byzantines, and Hungarians.
    • Together but separate. After the last Croatian king of Croat descent was killed on the battlefield in 1097, the Croats refused to surrender. To end the war, an agreement was made, the Pacta Conventa.
  3. In Croatia: History of Croatia The territory of Croatia bridges the central European and Mediterranean worlds, and its history has been marked by this position as a borderland. It lay near the division between the two halves of the Roman Empire and between their Byzantine and Frankish successors.… Read More Carolingians

  4. Sep 10, 2022 · Croatia is a country located in the Balkans. The area that is now Croatia has been inhabit for over 2,000 years. The first recorded inhabitants of this area were the Illyrians. In the late 7th Century, the Croats, a tribe of Slavs, settled in this region. History of Croatia, Croatia became part of the Byzantine Empire and the Frankish Empire.

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